If there's one thing that movie and TV writers love, it's a good man in a dress. Of course, that's not to say that the results are always funny, but writers sure do love to go there! While men in drag tend to be a mixed bag (see: "Bosom Buddies"), there are a few stand-outs in the history of television. On top of that, some women have managed to reverse their genders roles as well, leading to some funny moments of women dressed as men. The five crossdressers on this list will put "The Bosom Buddies" to shame and put a smile on your face!

Max Baer as Jethrine

"The Beverly Hillbillies" was a big hit, and it ran forever in syndication. Viewers had a chance to enjoy the misadventures of simple-minded Jethro, played to perfection by Max Baer, Jr. But it was Baer's transformation into Jethro's cousin, Jethrine, that people everywhere seem to remember the most. Despite the fact that Jethro wasn't fooling anyone, Jethrine was played so sweetly and her mannerisms were such that people couldn't help but enjoy her every time she popped up.

Ru Paul as...Ru Paul

Ru Paul is the undisputed King of TV crossdressers. He (or she, if you prefer) has been at the forefront of drag culture since the days of Divine, and Ru Paul's face is as recognizable as any TV personality in the world. The "Drag Race" reality show has run for a number of silly seasons, all on the strength of Ru Paul's masterful crossdressing performance.

Lucille Ball as Harpo Marx

Lucy was, and still is, a comedy superstar. She was the consummate schemer, always looking for a way to get what she wanted. But when Lucy got celebrity fever, things really got crazy. One of the biggest highlights of the show's run was watching Lucy dress up as Harpo Marx in order to pretend that she was the famous harpist and impress a friend, but when the real Harpo showed up, hilarity ensued. It's one of the best examples of TV crossdressing in history.

Dana Carvey as "The Church Lady"

"Saturday Night Live" has had quite a number of beloved characters over the years. Dana Carvey, however, seemed to be in a league apart from everyone else. His George Bush impression was dead-on, and he delighted as Garth, but it's the church lady that fans of the show remember best. Her uptight, Midwestern, "Satan-twisting" sensibilities provided rich comedy material, and the sight of Dana Carvey playing a conservative church woman put the whole thing over the top. The Church Lady is truly tops among TV crossdressers.

Tim Curry in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

It may not be a TV show, but "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is re-run on TV so often it almost qualifies as a regular series. Aside from that, it features some mind-bending (and gender-bending) wackiness not seen in any other movie. Of all the characters in the cult classic, no one stands out quite as much as Tim Curry dressed as the transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Tim Curry showed that he is one hell of a character actor in addition to the fact that he can sing and dance in heels and not fall over. That alone qualifies him as one of the best crossdressers in history!