5 True Blood Spoilers Worth Reading

Monday, February 20 by Sasha Mela

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	"True Blood" is one of the most popular <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/vampire-919/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>vampire</a> shows on television. Actually, <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/vampires-56/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>vampires</a> or not, it's among the best of the best. It is also the closest things to vampires according to Anne Rice’s books-vampires are evil, not sparkly and sweet. Every season is jam packed with cliffhangers and surprises. Here are a few spoilers that sprang up during the four seasons of "True Blood" that will leave you thirsty for more.</p>
	1. <strong>Bill Lied</strong></p>
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One the evening Sookie meets Bill, a crazy married couple hooked on vampire blood lures Bill outside and binds him by silver to drain his blood. Having heard this plan, Sookie rescues Bill. For revenge this couple comes back to beat Sookie.This time, Bill saves Sookie. Sookie thought that Bill was just being kind but he was in fact sent by the vampire queen of Louisiana to find out more about Sookie and her telepathic powers. He also let that couple beat her up just so he could feed her his blood to create a bond between them. This was all revealed to Sookie in season four with Eric Northman’s help.

2. Sam is a Shifter


Sam is the owner of the diner where the main characters Sookie and Tara work. He is quiet, respectful and keeps to himself most of the time. Throughout season one we see Sam has a very close bond with a dog that hangs around his bar. The real story of Sam Merlott unfolds when Detective Andy sees Sam running naked in the woods. Curious, Andy does background checks on Sam but doesn’t find any history of Sam’s life at all. Towards the end of season one it is revealed that Sam is actually a ‘shifter’ or a ‘shape-shifter’ and he can transform himself into different animals. Sam keeps the dog around the bar so he always has an animal to easily embody.

3. Sookie and Eric


In season one and two, Bill and Sookie’s love runs deep and strong. In season three, Sookie starts to develop feelings for Eric Northman, sheriff of Area 55. Eric is one of the most evil vampires in "True Blood." He even held one of Sookie’s friends and Tara’s cousin Lafayette in his basement for two weeks, constantly torturing him. But in season two Sookie sees a new side of Eric. When his maker, Godric, kills himself he shows his humanity for the first time. Shortly after Sookie breaks up with Bill she falls in love with Eric after he loses his memory and regains some of his humanity in season three.

4. Sookie is A Fairy


“What are you?”
“I’m a waitress.”
We’ve heard this many times on "True Blood." Sookie’s telepathic abilities have made her one of the biggest mysteries in "True Blood." The big question on everybody’s mind is finally answered in season three. Bill is told by the queen of Louisiana that Sookie is actually part "fae" or fairy. Therefore her blood tastes different than humans and she is a supernatural being herself. Her blood is so coveted by vampires and especially the queen, not only for its sweet taste but also because it allows a vampire to walk into the sunlight for some time.

5. Reverend Steve Newlin Becomes A Vampire


Reverend Steve Newlin becomes the leader of the church; “The Fellowship of the Sun” after his father was murdered. He is an anti-vampire advocate with a strong hatred for all vampires and vampire sympathizers. In season four it is revealed that Reverend Steve Newlin’ car was abandoned and he is missing. The show doesn’t pay much attention to his disappearance and spins away from his story. In the season finale of season four Steve Newlin turns up at Jason Stackhouse’s door as the thing he loathed most; a vampire!

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