Terrorism has become a part of life in post 9/11 America and movies about terrorism have become a permanent part of pop culture. Some films have chosen to tackle this subject with severe realism and tact, and others have chosen to create a precise breed of satire which strikes right to the core of people around the globe. These 5 movies represent a cross section of terrorism in film, as well as 5 movies everyone should watch.

"Team America: World Police"

"Team America: World Police" puts the fun in terrorism by bringing puppets into the mix. As Islamic extremists and North Korean dicatators Attempt to destabilize the world the American puppet heroes defend freedom with the slogan “America F#@% Yeah!”  Proving that the genius minds behind "Southpark" can make anything funny.

"Patriot Games"

Jack Ryan finds himself once again in the middle of an international scandal when an IRA terrorist (Sean Bean) comes after the intelligence analyst. This is one of few movies that highlights the terrorists actions in Ireland, and proves that villains sound even more evil with Irish accents.

"The Battle of Algiers"

This semi documentary actually retells the story of the Algerian revolutionary war against France. Told, and acted by, the actual participants this film recreates suicide bombings and other terrorist tactics that were used by the Algerian people to gain their Independence. Let’s see Michael Moore make a movie like that.

"Spy Game"

Robert Redford and Brad Pitt play CIA agents in this overseas tale of intrigue and betrayal. Amid the backdrop of a war torn Lebanon this story climaxes with a massive terrorist truck explosion which sends Pitt’s character into a tailspin. While terrorism may not be a focus of this film it certainly works as a plot device and thematic element.

"The Kingdom"

Jamie Foxx battles Saudi terrorists attacking a US compound in this taught thriller from director Peter berg. Jennifer Garner serves as Foxx’s backup along with Jason Bateman and Chris Cooper. Which make the team, including Foxx, the 4 whitest people to ever be in a desert movie since “Lawrence of Arabia.”