These five thin actors who could eat a sandwich might just make you feel a little better about those extra ten pounds you’ve been lugging around. But don’t be quick to judge. Getting skinny isn’t always about trying to look better.


Demi Moore

Demi Moore is known for her ageless beauty. She even managed to snag Ashton Kutcher, a man who is over 15 years her junior. But after they called it quits and word spread about Ashton’s cheating, Demi started dropping pounds quickly. It’s not uncommon to lose weight when going through a hard breakup. Hopefully, she gets back to a normal weight soon.


Matthew McConaughey

Think all stars drop pounds to look good? Think again! Superstar Matthew McConaughey took on his ultra skinny look for the movie "The Dallas Buyer’s Club." He may look weird and awkward 38 pounds lighter than before, but he’ll probably be getting back to his regular weight soon.


Ali Lohan

Everyone knows that actress Lindsay Lohan knows how to get attention. But kid sister Ali is not content standing in the background. This actress turned model starting shedding pounds soon after going public for her new modeling career. She probably won’t be eating many sandwiches any time soon.


Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Dramatic weight loss can be seen from his British actress. She was already very thin, but recently, she’s become a frail sliver of her former self. This could be cause for concern, but like McConaughey, she’s doing it for a role where she will play a victim of a kidnapping. Respect for the effort, but hopefully, she’s careful with her health!


Renee Zellweger

This is an interesting actress to consider. Renee Zellweger famously portrayed the title character in "Bridget Jones’ Diary," which required gaining weight. But after this film, she went back to her normal weight and didn’t stop there. She kept losing and losing! She could eat a sandwich and get back to a healthy weight in between.