Having movies to watch to entertain yourself and the kids your babysitting is key if you want to keep everyone happy. If you want to keep some background noise when you're freaked out at night, these are the movies to keep in mind. Grab the kids from down the street and some popcorn! Since you are the temporary leader of the household, we recommend that you bring your sense of humor and a comfortable outfit to wear while watching these five fun talking animal movies

"Chicken Little"

"Chicken Little" is a super cute movie about a little chicken trying to convince the town that he has found a piece of the sky that is falling, but no one believes him. The characters are funny looking and relatable, so the kids will enjoy it.  All of his misfit friends band together with him to save the town and earn respect. The animation is very colorful and creative and will surely capture the kids' attention with all the varieties of characters. 

"Shrek the Third"

The newlyweds Shrek and Fiona are trying to make their happily ever after come true. They have to recruit a high school slacker to help him become the sovereign ruler in the kingdom of Far Far Away. There is all kinds of witty humor that you will also enjoy. The donkey and Puss in Boots will always give you a good laugh with their banter and competition. When they find potions, they always turn out to be disasters. Prince Charming the Fairy God Mother are trying to get in the way and make trouble so they can steal Fiona for Prince Charming. 

"Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties"

Jon is being followed to England by his loyal companions Garfield and Odie. Garfield turns out to be a look-alike of a royal kitty and gets used to his lifestyle. The real royal cat is trying to get rid of Garfield, and they end up switching owners. It is a fun plot line and will keep you interested. Garfield is always doing mean things to Odie, but Odie is too naive to mind. 

"Ice Age"

Scrat is a clumsy, big toothed squirrel just trying to survive and find acorns during the Ice Age, back when glaciers ruled the earth. Sid, the sloth does not stop talking and annoying Manny, the mammoth who is trying to tolerate Sid. The movie begins when these talking animals save a human baby and need to return him to his father. It is full of laugh-out-loud humor that both you and the kids will love. The characters meet different animals as they are on their quest to a better place. Some of the ice is melting, and they have to get away from it as quickly as they can. 

"The Lion King"

SImba is to be the king of the Pride Lands. A crazy, villainous lion called Scar wants to be ruler and tries killing Mufasa and Simba to claim the throne. Things turn around when sweet baby Simba meets Nala and gets guidance on how to defeat evil. We love this movie because the animals show us that good always triumphs over evil. We're sure that even you will be crying with the munchkins at the end of the movie!