5 Sword And Sandal Movies Like Gladiator

Thursday, December 22 by C.T. Wright

“Spartacus” (1960).

Spartacus as a whole. The Spartacus myth. Kirk Douglas plays the iconic character in the original star-studded 1960 movie, directed by Hollywood icon Stanley Kubrick.

“Ben-Hur” (1959).

Ben-Hur chariot race.jpg

Of all the sword and sandal movies like “Gladiator,” “Ben-Hur” is the biggest. Not only was “Ben-Hur” the biggest; it was the first and some say the best. Ethnic chameleon Charleton Heston plays Israelite, Judah Ben-Hur, enslaved in Judea. The film parallels the existence of Christ and Ben-Hur, with the religious figure’s face going unseen throughout the entire film. The chariot race in this film still stands as one of the most enthralling action sequences ever filmed.

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