5 Sword And Sandal Movies Like Gladiator

Thursday, December 22 by C.T. Wright

“Alexander” (2004).

Alexander colin farrell angelina jolie val kilmer.jpg

Warfare, bloodlust and homoerotic pillow talk dominate this sword and sandal movie. Collin Farrell plays the enigmatic conqueror as we follow him on his quest to control the then-known world. Alexander’s epic battle against an armed elephant mounted army is tantalizingly gory, topped only by the equally tantalizing scenes of his liaison with a semi-nude Rosario Dawson.

“Kingdom of Heaven” (2005).

Kingdom of Heaven orlando bloom.jpg

Orlando Bloom makes a failed attempt at hero status in one of the sword and sandal movies like “Gladiator” on this list. An homage to the historical Crusades, the film actually goes far beyond the average period picture and makes Muslim warrior, Saladin, a worthy and respectable villain. Bloom’s believability as anything but a man-boy is laughable in this, as in an every other movie he’s in. Fortunately, this epic plays on the historical facts so Bloom doesn’t have to hold his head high as the ultimate hero.

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