5 Sword And Sandal Movies Like Gladiator

Thursday, December 22 by C.T. Wright

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<p>A sun-kissed climate and exotic locales set the backdrop for these five <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/sword-480/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>sword</a> and sandal movies like <a href=Gladiator. A staple of the movie business since it began; historical epics are often known for their costumes, flare, fashion and action. Generally entertaining and occasionally educational, this list of films is one most movie fans will enjoy.

“Troy” (2004).

Troy brad pitt.jpg

Brad Pitt as the mythical hero, Achilles, certainly rivals Russell Crowe’s Maximus character and represents the modern resurgence of sword and sandal movies like “Gladiator,” which that film helped usher in. Golden boy, Pitt must’ve stopped just short of steroid abuse to build his bulk for this film—he’s huge. It ultimately takes a cowardly Orlando Bloom to bring this golden god down, with an arrow to the—what else?— Achilles tendon. The action scene depicting the legendary Trojan Horse battle tactic is reminiscent of the old child’s toy-game, Ants-In-The-Pants, as warriors pile out of the wooden prop and go on to lay siege to the fabled city.

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