These 5 Superman villains who almost won has the Man of Steel perilously on the ropes. Even though the great Superman has a host of incredible powers including flight, super strength, heat vision and near invulnerability, he can still be beaten. There are a plethora of villains itching to take down Superman and these evildoers have unique abilities that make them dangerous and formidable adversaries. These movies and shows are a must for both comic geeks and casual viewers because it's extremely rare to see Superman in the brink of defeat.


Lex Luthor

What makes Luthor so deadly is his genius-level intellect. However, considering his many attempts to bring down the Man of Steel, this classic Superman villain has a sub par batting average against our hero. In the movie “Superman,” he used an old trick against his rival and nearly came out on top. Lex Luthor exposes Superman to a fragment of Kryptonite and slowly weakens him. Luthor is almost victorious but a lackey betrays Luthor and saves the Kryptonian from certain doom.



General Zod

Three Kryptonian criminals led by General Zod are imprisoned for eternity in a small pocket dimension known as a Phantom Zone. An explosion in space frees Zod and his minions from their erstwhile prison and they head for the nearest planet—Earth. Since they come from the same planet, the villains have the same powers Superman has. The two other villains, Ursa and Non, are formidable enough, but Zod is especially bloodthirsty and relentless. They not only beat the tar out of Superman, they also threaten to harm the general populace. To survive, Superman resorts to trickery and uses a device to rob them of their powers.




This criminal cyborg is as dangerous as they get. With enhanced strength, he is more than a handful for any hero. What makes him even more lethal is that he is powered by a piece of Kryptonite. In “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” he nearly beats the television version of Superman by simply sticking close to him. In their rematch, Superman wisely keeps his distance. He uses his super breath and heat vision to take down Metallo while staying out of harm's way.



Captain Marvel

When Luthor gets elected as the president in the animated film "Superman/Batman Public Enemies," he convinces everyone that Superman is a bad guy. While most of Earth's superpowered beings have little to offer against a powerhouse such as Superman, there are a few that can stand toe to toe against the Man of Steel; Captain Marvel has a set of powers similar to Superman's. He is also a magic-based being and, unfortunately, Superman is vunerable to magic. The two begin to trade blows as Superman tries to invade Luthor's lair, but it is obvious Superman is fading fast. Fortunately, two other heroes are around to give Superman a hand. Batman and Power Girl end up saving the Kryptonian from a major beatdown.




While other Superman villains try to snuff out our hero, Doomsday actually succeeded in killing the Man of Steel. In "Superman: Doomsday," a powerful, mindless creature goes on a bloody rampage. To protect the city of Metropolis, Superman intercepts the monster. The two engage in a devastating battle that takes both combatants to the limit. Although Superman wins their encounter, the injuries he sustained are too much even for him and it took a Kryptonian robot and advanced alien technology to bring him back to life.