5 Superheroes Who Were Still in Highschool

Sunday, November 20 by BWalter

X-Men" fame: She shot sparkles from her fingertips. Unless you're throwing a Fourth of July party, this particular superhero is not going to be very useful. What about Cyclops? While he grew to be a great leader, he started out a whiny kid that didn't want his powers, while every kid reading about him wished they could shoot lasers from their eyeballs.

Robin The original boy wonder and Batman's sidekick was awesome despite the funny red and green outfit. This guy didn't have any abnormal abilities at all. He achieved superhero status without mutant powers or otherworldly origin; he was an orphaned carnie/trapeze artist. It was as simple as that. He kicked as much butt as his mentor and did it all while spouting some of the most razor witted remarks in comics. Oh and he got to run with Batman, who is arguably one of the best comic book superheroes ever. Deep down you know you want a pair of his tights.

Jean Grey Not all kids from Xavier's School for Gifted Youth were punks. This girl started out as one of the most powerful superheroes, even in high school. Unlike her X-Men classmates, she didn't have to learn how to build her power; she needed to learn how to subdue it. She could create and destroy matter. She was telekinetic. She could read minds and she could fly. Oh, and she couldn't die. Eventually, she'd become Phoenix, unleashing a power unparalleled to any imagined in a comic book, videogame or TV show.

Colossus.The guy started out as a farmer in Russia. While rushing to save his little sister from being crushed by a tractor his skin turns into an indestructible metal. As always, Professor X rides in and recruits the young guy. He's definitely one of the coolest superheroes of a high school age. Colossus rocks, any way you look at it. How many of you wish you could make yourselves invincible?    

Kitty Pryde She was only thirteen when she joined the X-Men. While she had her moments of immaturity and rather comic book corniness, her ability makes her super cool. She can walk through walls. Once again, the reason why Kitty Pryde is cool, along with most of the superheroes on this list, is because she displays a gift everyone wants.

Spiderman You knew Spiderman would be on this list. He's the coolest of all the superheroes who were still in high school. Why? It isn't because of his ability to climb walls or shoot web. It's not because of his strength and agility. No, Spiderman is awesome because he's an everyman. He had to live through the same trial and tribulations of any high school kid. Even after he got his abilities, he still had to cope with being ignored by his crush while not being popular and not having money. He's cool because he's you, plus the superpowers, of course.

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