Stoner comedies are often overlooked in favor of their more illustrious and higher budgeted rivals. Despite that, they’re just as funny as their A-list counterparts, even if they are stupidly silly. But which movies are the quintessential stoner flicks? Here is a list of the best druggy comedy films to ever get released.

"Cheech And Chong : Up In Smoke"


Cheech and Chong are as synonymous with stoners as the munchies and bad fashion. Their first movie, "Up In Smoke," sees the duo involved in a series of misadventures, and also proves that, deep down, everyone just wants to sit back and smoke dope. It subsequently grossed close to $50 million at the US box office, so most people must have agreed with them.

"Dazed And Confused"


Richard Linklater’s classic is both a high school movie and a stoner flick. It’s the last day of school in 1976 and the future is bright for Floyd, Kramer, and Ron. There’s plenty to love about Linklater’s comedy/drama, mainly because of Linklater's direction and the fine performances by Rory Cochrane, Jason London, and Parker Posey, so much so that it went on to inspire a generation of filmmakers.

"Half Baked"


Dave Chappelle stars alongside Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, and Guillermo Diaz in this bawdy comedy about a trio of friends who are forced into selling marijuana stolen from their place of employment. It’s silly, stupid, and genuinely funny. Chapelle would later go on to achieve great fame with his Comedy Central TV show that he then abandon in favor of finding himself in Africa, leaving behind millions of dollars in the process.

"Dude, Where's My Car?"

Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott were perfectly cast as two loveable morons, who got so smashed the night before that they're unable to locate their car. And so begins their search for the automobile that sees them uncover a tattoo, and even an alien race. Despite receiving lukewarm reviews upon it's release, "Dude, Where's My Car?" has become a cult classic, with idiotic stoners.

"Super Troopers"


Broken Lizard’s hilarious tale of abusive highway patrolman smoking dope and abusing their prisoners is perfect viewing for anyone having a lazy afternoon. They fight with their local police officers and mess about with stoned teenagers just to cure their boredom, and do it all in hilarious circumstances. Legends.