5 Spring Break Movies You Could Watch Instead of Going On Spring Break

Monday, September 10 by Tony Dayton


Spring Break is a wonderful time!

For those looking to watch movies featuring women wearing little or no clothes at all, a good spring break flick is in order. There have been several spring break movies filmed over the years, each featuring one hot bikini babe after another. As a result, people have to ask the question: why go on spring break when you can watch these five spring break movies?

"Spring Break"

Spring Break is a movie with hot chicks!

Featuring plenty of drinking, beach babes in bikinis, wet t-shirt contests, and naked chicks, "Spring Break" is one of the classic 1980s cult comedies. The sexy comedy has a lot to offer for most male viewers, including super-sexy Jayne Modean and former Penthouse Pet of the month, Corinne Alphen

"National Lampoon's Spring Break"

Hot ass Nikki Schieler looks good even on a bad hair day.

Not one of the better spring break movies, but it does feature plenty of drinking, bare boobs. and the sexy Nikki Ziering. The film also features awesome locations such as Las Vegas, South Padre Island, and the Cabo beaches. For those who are unable to go on spring break and want to watch a documentary style film, this is a decent choice.

"Girls Gone Wild"

Girls going wild on Spring Break

There are a plethora of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos that feature spring break. The majority of them are centered around drunk, horny naked women who don't seem to have a sexual preference. If you're unable to go on spring break and see naked women making out and fondling each other, you should certainly rent one of these videos. Or two. Or three. 

"Piranha 3D"

Girls getting ready to eat each other before getting eaten by piranhas

One of the guiltiest pleasures of the past ten years, "Piranha 3D" is a spring break movie that not only has hot, naked women, but killer fish as well. And that's not all! The movie also features porn star Riley Steele and the lovely Kelly Brook.  While there are plenty of scenes featuring nude women and piranhas feasting on human flesh, Kelly Brook and Riley Steele manage to taste each other before getting eaten themselves. 

"Mardi Gras: Spring Break"

These girls have a real nice set of.....eyes.

Starring the lovely Carmen Electra, "Mardi Gras Spring Break" boasts plenty of bare boobies and hot young coeds. The movie features its share of the typical spring break activities such as bare breasts, drugs, alcohol, hook-ups, and over-the-top antics. However, "Mardi Gras: Spring Break" is probably one of the funniest on the list-Nicholas D'Gasto, Josh Gad, and Brett Harrison are fantastic. 

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