5 Space Operas Any Star Wars Fan Will Adore

Wednesday, February 22 by Gregory Wakeman



Sean Connery investigating a series of deaths on a mining colony? It's literally impossible not to get excited about that synopsis.This early eighties action adventure has the aura of a western that is set in space rather than a bona fide Moonraker” data-scaytid=”22″>Moonraker" which is clearly the worst Bond film.

"Starship Troopers."


Though the movie strays quite a bit from its source material, "Starship Troopers" is still an exciting journey through military space coupled with a few personal stories to keep things interesting. Plus, with Paul Verhoeven at the helm you know there's gratuitous nudity and over-the-top violence aplenty. The satirical message about Nazi warmongering and manifest destiny doesn't get fleshed out all that well, but you can enjoy the movie for its brain-sucking bug goodness.

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