5 Space Operas Any Star Wars Fan Will Adore

Wednesday, February 22 by Gregory Wakeman



"Wall-E" is a film that not only "Star Wars" fans will adore, but any human being with a pulse will fall in love with. Pixar's grand space opera was immediately acclaimed by critics and audiences alike and it is able to wrap love, spaceships, and an eco friendly message into a children's film. For the first 60 minutes of the film there is not one line of dialogue and the film develops in a slow and wonderful manner that is completely juxtaposed to the current multiplex fare. It is filmmaking of the highest order. If it weren't for the existence of "Cars 2," we'd be apt to make the claim that the folks at Pixar aren't capable of making bad movies.

"Star Trek"


Some Trekkies and film aficionados believe that this "Star Trek" saga could grow to be the ultimate replacement to George Lucas's epic. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have built up such a rapport that people have needed to be reminded who Shatner and Nimoy are. Plus, the sublime ensemble cast that includes Simon Pegg, Anton Yeltchin, and Zoe Saldana have added a wonderful layer of fun to proceedings. There is even room for a Leonard Nimoy cameo, yet sadly no room for Shatner to make a triumphant comeback. One day Bill, one day.

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