A good education on fairy tale lore can prepare you for the random red cap attack, gnome uprising or even being dragged to the newest retelling of an old fairy tale by Thor and the vampire groupie. With the specialized knowledge gleaned from these five Snow White movies you should watch with an apple, you will not only be smarter but also a healthier eater, which will soon erase your dwarf name of Dumpy.


Snow White: A Tale of Terror”.

Darkness and shadows abound in “Snow White: A Tale of Terror” as the story sticks to its darker, bloody roots, even tossing in a c-section birth in the introduction. As time progresses both the daughter and stepmother get caught up in the battle for the father’s attention and soon unintentional and intentional harmful actions come into play, and no one is truly innocent. It’s worth having an apple around just so you can bite down on it during the great tense moments this film conjures up, such as when the nanny gets to encounter the interior of the magic mirror. 


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Disney version of Snow White is pleasant, fun, and eliminated most of the horror of the old fairytale but kept just enough evil to make it a standard in the canon. Fun and with no need to hide the children “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” delivers a great story from a time before merchandising and fast food restaurant tie-ins were the norm for every kid flick. Watch Snow White say her bedtime prayers, which end in a plea about Grumpy, and see if your inner kid doesn’t grin.


Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White

Remember to dip your apple in some caramel with extra poison sauce because at various points during this take on Snow White you’re going to consider taking a big bite or ten. “Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White” goes the way of many sequels with less of everything from budget to plotline, but can still serve as a solid warning to new filmmakers and an amusing show for the heavily inebriated during the after bar. It’s hard to choose but the scene where Snow White babysits the orphans is probably the most sickly, falsely sweet scene ever so you should probably make that some kind of sick endurance test for your friends as they try to last longer than you did.


Snow White and the Three Stooges

The Stooges tumble into the lore of Snow White adding a few tons of slapping, bonking, and prat falls to liven up the familiar story. “Snow White and the Three Stooges” brings serious physical comedy to a potentially dusty story along with pushing those pesky dwarves out of the way so the Stooges can take their place. No prison in the world should be able to stop you from seeing this flick considering that there’s a scene where Prince Charming is using a puppet, voiced by Mel Blanc, to entertain and woo Snow White, which is all kinds of wrong and awesome mixed together.


Grimm’s Snow White

If you ever felt that the story of Snow White was way too light on dinosaurs, big shirt collars, and elves then “Grimm’s Snow White” will make it all better. The environment and acting by the Queen are truly worth the time watching, and there are enough drive-by dinosaur killings to satiate everyone. Although the makeup crew could’ve went a little smaller on the elf ears, seeing an elf eat dirt by tripping during a pursuit of some particularly nasty Queen’s guardsmen is a scene that made their giant ears worthwhile.