"Supernatural" follows two ridiculously good looking brothers who track down monsters, demons, and angels in a quest to find their father and help people along the way. The classic battle between good and evil has been a plot device since the beginning of storytelling and never fails to enthrall audiences when done right. Even if you've heard stories of vampires, witches, werewolves and people with supernatural powers, it's always fun to hear another version of the story with even more scintillating details. If you can’t get enough of Supernatural, check out five other shows that also explore paranormal phenomena.

1. "Misfits"

England is starting to get accolades in America for its original programming. Misfits is a show also steam-rolling ahead, collecting a worldwide fan following for the fresh way it showcases paranormal activity. It chronicles the misadventures of a gang of young adults condemned to do community service work together when a freak storm gives them superpowers. Although this sounds like a British twist on the show Heroes, it's funnier, more exciting and definitely more fresh and brimming with creativity. These aren't your average superheroes or superpowers.

2. "The Vampire Diaries"

If you like your vampires good looking but not so much that they glitter, "Vampire Diaries" is the show for you. Although it seems similar to "Twilight" in the beginning (Elena is saved from drowning by a vampire as Bella is saved from a crash by Edward), the vampires in this show about paranormal adventures aren’t as quietly moody or virginal. A fast-paced show full of vampire stories from decades and centuries past, "Vampire Diaries" is a fun mid-week show.

3. "True Blood"

"True Blood" makes the vampires of "Vampire Diaries" seem like milk-drinking babies. This HBO TV series are the closest you’ll get to the true essence of vampires and paranormal phenomena since Anne Rice began writing. If you like your TV vampires as strong and Southern as your whiskey, get a taste of "True Blood." The show chronicles the events in a small town in Louisiana a couple of years after vampires come out of the closet, so to speak. Sookie Stackhouse, a bubbly blonde waitress who can read minds, learns firsthand about vampire life when blood-sucking Bill walks into her life.


4. "Once Upon a Time"

"Once Upon a Time" is a new show with a great blend of characters and a famous cast. What would it be like if all the characters from traditional fairy tales found themselves trapped in human bodies and human lives, suffering from collective amnesia of what they used to be like? If that intrigues you in the slightest, you’ll love "Once Upon a Time" with it’s juxtaposition of old tales and modern day romances.

5. Grimm

What if the stories written by the Brothers Grimm weren’t just stories, but compiled data of real life monsters and all that falls under dark paranormal beings? What if the Grimm family clan were the only people in the world who could take them down? This show follows the last descendant of the Grimms and his unique ability to see the evil in people no one else can.