Strap on your floaties and life preservers. We're sinking in our couches to discover the five shipwreck movies that you could watch on a deserted island. Be sure to pack a flare gun and some kind of shampoo/deodorant substance for inevitable dreadlocking


"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"

Yes, Khan Noonien Sighn and the crew of the SS Botany Bay were technically marooned on Ceti Alpha V, but this is one of the greatest tales of revenge in the shipwreck category, let alone science fiction. "Wrath of Khan" stands out amongst the dredges of the Star Trek franchise because it takes real chances; ships are destroyed, characters are killed off, and Ricardo Montalban turns in an oddly brutal performance that all but makes up for his namby-pamby run on "Fantasy Island".        


[[contentId: 2933745| id: 16975| alt: Titanic-Dimensions[1].jpg]]

It's fascinating that the director of this film chose a doomed romance as the crux of a story that we all knew the ending of; there are so many other genres to explore that could have done just as well at the box office. Tragic comedy "IceBlergs Ahead!" could star Breckin Meyer and one of the Baldwin brothers as two down-on-their-luck ice vendors who finally hit the jackpot on the way to the new world! Just think it over, Cameron. 


Based on actual events, "Alive" tells the story of a Uruguayan rugby team that crash-lands in the Andes and can only be lead to their salvation by Ethan Hawke. Some have criticized this film for butchering the passengers of Flight 571, while others are just upset that the adaptation of the biography wasn't that good. Delicious! 

"Cast Away"

As an unofficial sequel to "Bachelor Party", Tom Hanks plays a FedEx guy who goes on a long vacay that ends up being ultimate beach-party-for-one! Activities include spear fishing, rope weaving, and conversations with inanimate objects. It's a shame that this was never picked up as a Saturday morning cartoon-just think of the sponsorship possibilities in the various sporting companions! Spalding: the bad boy with the "Dr. J" tattoo, Callaway: the boring one, and Nerf: the nontoxic-yet-edible boy-toy! 

"Life of Pi"

Pointing at the fence? Perhaps. But the original novel has won accolades worldwide, including a fan in President Obama. Director Ang Lee's success rate with international properties ranges from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to "Brokeback Mountain", making this film a contender in the 2013 Oscar race. Kellogg's should note that there is ample opportunity to swap out the Bengal tiger with one that provides the starving Indian boy with an endless supply of delicious Frosted Flakes. Hey, there's still time to make edits before the New York Film Festival 2012 premiere. It could be grrrrrrrrreat