The "Austin Powers" series of films is known for its wacky characters, cultural parodies, and briefly popular catchphrases (a promise: This article will not feature any of the "Austin Powers" catchphrases). But it also rather sneakily features a fairly steady stream of attractive ladies. Here is a brief guide to these beautiful "Austin Powers" girls. Yeah Baby! (Damn it)

Elizabeth Hurley

British supermodel and actress Elizabeth Hurley was the first Austin Powers girl, and in some circles is the standard by which all future Powers girls will be judged. She brings a very intelligent characterization to her role, just as she does in many of her other films. Her career as a Powers girl was cut short when she decided to leave the series in order to focus on drama.

Heather Graham

The second Powers girl in the mega-popular sequel "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" is the blonde bombshell from "Boogie Nights." Like any great Powers girl, Graham has a comic gift that matches how good she looks in a bikini. Since her appearance as Felicity Shagwell, she's been showing off her flair for comedy in various ways, most notably as a guest spot on "Arrested Development."

Beyonce Knowles

For the '70s setting of "Austin Powers: Goldmember," Mike Myers decided to cast musical superstar Beyonce as Foxy Cleopatra, the blaxploitation heroine who teams up with Austin to defeat Dr. Evil or whatever. She might not have the acting chops of her predecessors, but she's pretty good in the movie, holding her own surrounded by all the insanity around her.

Mindy Sterling

If your taste in women is a little more severe than average, you will have no trouble accepting the comedienne who plays oft-shouting Frau Farbissina as "shagadelic." There is something cute about the way that she looks the same age in the '90s as she does in the '60s, and one gets the sense she would probably kill you if she found it necessary. That's hot, right?

Mimi Rogers

Probably the oldest Powers girl, Mimi Rogers plays Mrs. Kensington, mother of Elizabeth Hurley's character Vanessa Kensington. Her purpose in the plot is basically to inform Hurley (and the audience) of some of the differences between life in the '60s and the present day. She might be a little past her prime, but she looks pretty damn great. Oh, behave! (Damn it, sorry again).