These 5 sexy Italian TV shows include soap operas and reality television shows. You’ll be able to see the most beautiful women of Italy in the shows listed below, whether they’re trained actresses or a regular contestant on the Italian version of “Big Brother.” You won’t even need subtitles to appreciate these hits. 

  1. “Un Posto al Sole” The title is translated as “A Place in the Sun” and this soap opera’s backdrop is in the gorgeous city of Naples. There are over fifteen characters involved in elaborate plots at the Palladini Palace. The storyline starts with the old Count Giacomo. When he passes away, he leaves the place to a number of descendants, but we soon learn that not all of them are legitimate. Part of all action includes some sexy love stories as side plots.

  2. “L’isola Dei Famosi” As Italy’s take on “Celebrity Survivor,” this version is just as dramatic and hot, both literally and figuratively. The casting for this show ranges from film stars to models to showgirls to politicians. Similar to the American version, a group is sent to a remote island and needs to survive on the resources available there. One of the winners of the reality show was Vladimir Luxuria, the first transvestite politician elected to Italian government. Tune in for more surprising entertainment.

  3. “I Cesaroni” Adapted from the Spanish television series, “Los Serranos,” this version definitely lives up to its predecessor. The show has enjoyed numerous seasons of success, reaching up to eight million viewers at one point and has received a prestigious television award. It uses comedy to tell the story of an extended family living under one roof and their trials and tribulations. The cast includes some sexy actors and actresses to bring some spice to the show including Claudio Amendola and Alessandra Mastronardi.

  4. “Grande Fratello” There’s something about live sexiness in reality TV shows that’s especially arousing. You’ll want to check out the scandalous action of this show, an Italian remake of “Big Brother.” Cameras are installed in every corner of a large house so you can spy on all the interactions between housemates. This show quickly took over Italy by storm and has been in production for over ten seasons.

  5. “CentroVetrine" This Italian soap opera is set in a shopping mall in Turin. Similar to other soap operas, the storyline revolves around power and love. Linda Collini plays sexy Cecilia Castelli and the beautiful Marianna De Micheli also stars as Carol Grimani, representing the two major families in this drama.