5 Sexually Charged Movies Like Unfaithful

Wednesday, February 8 by Irving Oala

3. "The Last Seduction."


This little-known HBO film stars Linda Fiorentino as a woman who is out for herself and willing to use whatever she must to get her way. This is one of the best femme fatale characters ever and she uses her body to get her way regularly. Much like real-life femme fatales tend to do. Her combination of beauty and brains, not to mention a ruthless demeanor, makes for quite a compelling character.

4. "Fatal Attraction."


Glenn Close and Michael Douglas star in this sexually charged thriller about a man who has an affair with a woman who becomes dangerously obsessed with him. There are a number of truly passionate sex scenes and then a lot of intense violence as Glenn Close goes all lady creepy. For many, that's a perfect combination. Boiling animals tends to make audiences turn away, but this film did prety well despite that.

5. "Basic Instinct."


Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas (the lucky bastard) star in this thriller where the police are trying to catch a woman who is killing men during sex. This film has a famous scene where Sharon Stone spreads her legs for the police who are interrogating her and then sleeps with Michael Douglas though out the movie, making it an immediate box office sensation, for lack of a better word. In fact, there is sex right up until the final shot. Sharon Stone was in her prime here, and the movie is all the better for it!

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