5 Sexually Charged Movies Like Unfaithful

Wednesday, February 8 by Irving Oala


One way to make a thriller even better is to add a lot of sex to it. This is a great tool o hook the audience as well, because as we all well know, sex sells in just about any story. One of the best films that did this in recent memory was "Unfaithful," about a cheating wife who ends up in a twisted situation where she is covering up a murder. However, there were at least five sexually charged movies that set the stage for a film like "Unfaithful." Set your pulses to "rhumba" and get ready for some scinitillating thrills!

1. "Bound."


This Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon noir crime movie tells the story of two women who fall in love, one of whom is shacked up with a mobster who is up to no good. This first film from the Wachowski Brothers is brilliantly shot and written and there is an incredibly erotic lesbian sex scene to boot. Combine great images and beautiful women making out and you can almost guarantee and Indie classic.

2. "Body Heat."


This early '80's crime thriller stars William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, playing two people who are having an affair and plotting to kill her rich husband. It's not only a sexually charged thriller, it also makes all the characters in it question who they can actually trust, making for a lot of excellent twists and turns in the dark storyline. This may have been the height of Kathleen Turner's sexual beauty. Nowadays, she's best known as being the voice of Jessica Rabbit.

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