5 Sex Trafficking Movies That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

Friday, March 2 by Frost

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Alien invaders, subterranean monsters, and supernatural creatures do not compare to the terrors that can come from mankind. There's whole world of human slavery and sex trafficking out there, and naturally Hollywood wants to use it to come up with stories for movies. The horrors of modern day slavery get pushed into daylight for your observation in these five sex trafficking movies that will make you lose your faith in humanity.



Despite the overt mannerisms of a young girl adopted by the woman playing Liam Neeson’s daughter at the beginning of “Taken," the rest of the film manages to convey the filth that is the world of sex trafficking without applying too much Hollywood sheen. The secret brothel on construction grounds makes a scene that only hints at how terrible the sold girls’ lives are but still stands as a scene that should haunt you.

“The Day My God Died”

The Day My God Died

The abduction of girls and women by familiar people adds a new dimension of horror to the sickening world of human slavery for the purposes of sex trafficking. “The Day My God Died” puts faces to statistics as it tells the tales of the victims from their beginning onward with a powerful focus on respecting the whole story and not just sound bites. As the camera sweeps through Mumbai’s Kamathipura district you receive a stomach-churning sense of the magnitude of the practice of slavery that makes for a scene that should shake your faith in humanity.

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