If you’re looking to watch some action, honor, and swordsmanship, you’ll want to screen these 5 samurai swor fighting movies. Some of the films below are recent, while others are older classics, but all of them contain suspenseful plots, epic heroes, and amazing sword fighting choreography.

  1. “Seven Samurai” This 1950’s film is one of the most classic of samurai sword fighting movies. A small Japanese town is under siege by thieves, so the people recruit seven experienced samurai warriors to defend them. Soon, the samurais begin training the villagers in the warrior way, leading up to an epic battle between the townspeople and their enemies.

  2. “Twilight Samurai In this samurai sword fighting movie, the main character is a samurai who remains stuck in a meager work position, since he belongs to the lower classes. Life is passing him by until he rekindles his love for an upper class woman. This forbidden love starts a chain reaction of events that force him to fight as a true warrior.

  3. “The Last Samurai” Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe star in this samurai sword fighting movie set in the late 1800’s. Cruise plays a mercenary figure making money fighting the samurai warriors of Japan. When he is captured, their leader (played by Watanabe) does not kill him, but instead teaches him the samurai way of life.

  4. “Throne of Blood” This memorable samurai sword fighting movie is based on the classic Shakespearian play, “MacBeth.” It is set, however, in medieval Japan and revolves around one man’ thirst for power. He and his wife commit murder to rise as Emperors, but he soon must pay for the blood on his hands during a final battle.

  5. “Kill Bill” While this movie may not be a traditional samurai film, it contains some of the best samurai sword fighting scenes. Uma Thurman stars in Quentin Tarantino's film as a woman seeking revenge. Her tool of destruction is a samurai sword, which she uses on scores of victims throughout the film. The best sword fighting scene is the showdown between Thurman and the “Crazy 88” Japanese warriors.