Hollywood has touched on steroids, steroid use, their impact on the body and the subject of “roid rage” on a number of movies. While the subject has been looked at from many different angles, the topic is rarely examined fully. Some of the most notable Hollywood movies seem to mimic perception of the subject but don’t go beyond the clichés. Here are five movies that feature steroids, body building and roid rage.

"A Body To Die For: The Aaron Henry Story" (1994)



Aaron Henry (Ben Affleck) is a high school football player who wants to excel. In order to get better, he determines he must get bigger and stronger. Henry meets Bryce (Bryan Genesse), who turns him on to steroids and Henry is amazed at how much more he can do during his workouts after taking them and the results that he gets. However, there are a number of nasty side effects that impact Henry and he loses control of his temper over the smallest things and gets a terminal case of roid rage. This movie gets quite preachy as it tries to warn viewers on the dangers of steroid use.

"The Program" (1993)



This movie about a fictional college program brings together a number of players from differing backgrounds that all have different problems. One of them is linebacker Steve Lattimer (Andrew Bryniarski), who has been using steroids so he can compete at the college level. While Lattimer improves after taking the steroids and wins a starting position on the team, he turns into a raging maniac and ultimately gets dropped from the team.


"Rocky IV" (1985)


In this classic movie series, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is a hard-working and unrefined boxer who makes a miraculous run to the heavyweight championship because of his efforts in training camp and his toughness. In Rocky IV, he fights a steroid-using behemoth named Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) who appears to be a destructive machine when he gets in the ring. While Rocky ultimately stops Drago in a fight that also represents a victory for America over the evil Communists, it’s Stallone who has been associated with performance-enhancing substances and not Lundgren.


"Deadly Little Secrets" (2002)


Sports physician Dr. Gordon Childs (Craig Sheffer) has a way to help athletes get more explosive and athletic so they can perform better in competitive sports. It involves injecting them with designer steroids. However, Childs goes off the deep end and starts using them himself. He develops a case of roid rage and he ends up killing one of his athletes by giving him an “overdose” of steroids.


"Pumping Iron" (1977)



This movie has become the signature of the body building industry. It featured body building legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbo and it was clear that this sport was impacted by the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs that helped stars attain high levels of physical development and fitness. The film also played on the mind games that competitors used against each other to get the edge in posing competitions. It's important to note that steroids weren't in the same classification of banned substances during these days.