We all know that guys especially love their classic rock. With bands like The Who and Pink Floyd churning out high-concept rock operas how can you go wrong? Most people think of operas as those performances where "it's not over until the fat lady sings." The best thing about these five selections is that there aren't any fat ladies singing. Instead, there are mostly guys-mainly rock guys-rocking out. Therefore, the emphasis is more on the 'rock' than the 'opera' part of the equation.

"Tommy" The Who

 Men will love this movie for its hot women. The main character, Tommy, joins a cult that worships Marilyn Monroe, and what man hasn't worshipped Marilyn Monroe? Then there's the Acid Queen character, played by hot-legs Tina Turner. The music by The Who also rocks. While many rock bands have attempted 'concept' albums, few have done them as well as The Who. Fearless leader Pete Townshend simply knows how to take big concepts, and form them into killer rock songs. Some of its songs include "Pinball Wizard," "I'm Free," and "We're Not Gonna Take It." What more do you want?


"The Wall" Pink Floyd

There's lot's of surreal craziness going on in this rock opera. Many of the soundtrack songs were als big radio hits, which makes them familiar. There's, of course, "Another Brick in the Wall," as well as "Comfortably Numb." Roger Waters created this work, much of which was based on his own story. The frequent animation breaks play out like trippy music videos, and the subversive performance by Bob Geldoff as the main character goes perfectly with the sometimes gloomy tunes.


"Jesus Christ Superstar"

With its Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice soundtrack, this opera puts Jesus into a rock musical. Many men just get bored in church. They'd much rather watch football, or almost any other sports on TV. But this movie takes the story of Christ, and puts it into a more entertaining format. Heck, calling Jesus a superstar is even a lot like the way sportscasters refer to great athletes. Dudes will also recognize many of the songs, including the title track and "I Don't Know How to Love Him."

"Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny"

It seems like a lot of men like Jack Black, along with his partner, Kyle Gass, because Black is an every-man. In this film, he's an overweight guy that wants to become a rock star. Most Americans are overweight. Many men would kill to become rock stars. It's the perfect fit. Also, there are guest appearances from Meat Loaf (another rather big guy), Ronnie James Dio, and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl. There's a little fantasy, mixed with a tiny bit of reality. That sounds like a lot of guys' lives, doesn't it?

"Rock of Ages"

Let's face it, the music used in this movie, which includes Styx, Journey and Pat Benatar, was first purchased in droves by men. These same men will re-live their high school glory days watching it. It has none of that fairytale fantasy stuff in it. It's all about rock. It's about time somebody took the classic rock era of the '70s, and turned it into musical theater. Sometimes, a stripped-down celebration of rock music is just the ticket to make for a great rock opera!