Whether you’re hoping to be reborn to avoid the flock of exes waiting for you in a very warm place while holding baseball bats or you just want one more try at making the leader boards when Diablo III comes out, you might as well check out the potential futures that might be waiting out there for you. Before the reaper finally catches up and you find out that killing all those spiders was karmically wrong, grab some of these five reincarnation movies every Buddhist should see and take the time to polish up that old soul of yours.


“Chances Are”

Reincarnation starts out amusing then gets mildly creepy in “Chances Are”. Louie gets killed by a car and is reincarnated as Alex, a much younger man who then goes on a one man romancing of Louie’s widow. Louie’s memory eventually gets wiped but his widow and friend happily let him date his own daughter as Alex. A Buddhist should see this flick for both the cute moments of eternal love and the incestuous, mentally only, moments when Alex goes back to falling in love with Miranda, Louie’s daughter. The angelic antidote scene at the hospital is enough to smash your suspension of disbelief so make sure to hang around for that action.

“Down to Earth”.

Reincarnation doesn’t have to be deeply philosophical, instead it can be about taking one of the greatest comedians, Chris Rock, killing off his character and then throwing his soul into the body of an old white man and letting it play out. “Down to Earth” has multiple reincarnations so you’re going to get your kharmic dollar back and then some as Lance becomes Charlie who becomes Joe who becomes New Lance. If the scene in the diner doesn’t have you rolling, you’re probably coming back as some kind of dung beetle or member of the Young Republicans.


A solid lesson on not messing around in buildings that were home to mass killings, this is a solid reincarnation movie for Buddhists and everyone else to watch. “Rinne” offers up the darker side of reincarnation with a great twist that raises it up from typical horror movie fare. Nagisa’s reconnaissance of her hiding place in her past life builds up the tension and delivers a one-two punch with deft cinematic skill.

“Audrey Rose”.

A film that takes the old rhyme of “stranger danger” and manages to add in a healthy does of forgiveness where you would imagine revenge would fit in even better. Ivy is a little girl stalked by the father of a dead girl who believes that she is the reincarnated soul of his daughter who died tragically. The concept of spiritual justice played out against reality and its laws makes what happens to Ivy in the bizarre hospital test, a scene where the audience has to choose for themselves who was in the right.

“Dead Again”.

A double lifetime spanning romance couched in a murder mystery makes this film a great reincarnation flick that Buddhists and cat ladies can equally enjoy. With a storyline that uses the idea of reincarnation rather than letting it dominate the plot, the mystery stays strong and delivers multiple sucker punches as it unfolds. The scene with the gloves is one of those perfect movie twists and cements “Dead Again” as a great psychological thriller.