Coming up with a list of 5 reasons you should watch “Doctor Who” is more a process of elimination than anything else. In fact, there are so many excellent justifications for watching this amazing British sci fi series that it would probably be easier to do a list of 20 or 30. The show’s incredible longevity, its amazing premise, and its open ended nature make it stand out from the vast majority of science fiction television shows, and some would argue that it should be ranked among the top 5 science fiction shows of all time, perhaps even at the top of that list.

Quantity has its advantages, and there are tons of “Doctor Who” episodes. One of the main reasons to watch “Doctor Who” is the massive size of the backlog. You could potentially watch it on a fairly regular basis for years without ever running out. The original series debuted in 1963 and ran for 26 seasons. The new show, which is technically a direct extension of the old show, at least in terms of story, started up in 2005 and has run for six seasons so far. The old show is sometimes much too cheesy for the average viewer, but once you learn to love the new series, you might find that there is real novelty and fun in watching the older episodes.

The show’s premise means that it could potentially go on for several more decades. Most TV shows end because the actors get sick of their roles and decide to move on. “Doctor Who” sidesteps this problem with a couple of clever tricks that are built into the basic premise. For one thing, the Doctor isn’t human. He’s from a race of human-looking aliens called the Time Lords. When they get sick or injured, they are able to regenerate a new body, which looks and acts differently, but has the same memories. This has allowed the actor playing the Doctor to change constantly over the years, and they are currently up to the eleventh doctor. As for the rest of the cast, the Doctor basically has a revolving door policy when it comes to sidekicks, so those people are constantly changing as well as he finds new companions and leaves old friends behind, which brings us to the next reason you should watch “Doctor Who”.

The show never gets stale. Everything in “Doctor Who” is constantly in a state of flux, from the actors to the situations. The various people who’ve played the Doctor over the years have brought their own quirks and eccentricities to the role, and have even been allowed to reinvent to character to some extent. This means that each new version of the Doctor is almost like the spawning of a brand new TV series. Additionally, his companions sometimes dictate the kinds of adventures the Doctor is facing, so when they change, the storyline of the whole show can shift around them.

There is endless potential for Creativity. The Doctor's vehicle looks like an old blue telephone box from the outside, but on the inside, it’s an enormous spaceship which can travel anywhere in the universe through time and space. This means the Doctor’s adventures can potentially occur at any point in the past or future, on earth or on alien planets. The storylines are widely divergent, dealing with everything from altering the course of history through time travel, galactic warfare, Victorian-era ghosts and adventures with major historical figures.  

At the end of the day, it’s just a fantastic show. There are a few bad episodes here and there, but the new version of the series has been pretty consistent, and the high points are really amazing. Each season has had some kind of ongoing storyline, and mostly they’ve been excellent, leading to appropriately epic finales with a lot of emotion and excitement.