If you don't know who Morgan Spurlock is, it's time you learned. Spurlock is one of the coolest filmmakers alive, due to the fact that he takes risks like no other documentarian out there ever would. This also shows his originality and intelligence when it comes to proving a point about the society we live in. Check out five reasons why Morgan Spurlock is the coolest filmmaker alive, listed below.

1. "Super Size Me" blew up McDonald's.

Morgan Spurlock's controversial and incredible first film "Super Size Me" almost single-handedly changed McDonald's, one of the largest and, at the time, worst corporations on the planet. Spurlock simply ate McDonald's every meal, every day for a month and saw how it effected him, physically.

"30 Days" Series.

Spurlock also directed, produced and starred in a television show called "30 Days." The idea behind this show was that he would spend 30 days doing a number of things, like going to jail or living on an Indian reservation, allowing him to do great small documentaries on a number of different things.

He did "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?"

Only Spurlock would have the guts to go to the Middle East to discuss the war in Iraq and the West's troubles with Islam with the Arabic people first-hand. No other documentary filmmaker would be brave enough to do something like that.

He made fun of corporations with "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold."

Again, Spurlock returned to corporations co-opting creativity through "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," in which he got a lot of sponsors to sponsor the documentary about corporations sponsoring documentaries. Kind of brilliant huh?

He's doing a documentary on Comic-Con, Finally.

The next documentary out from Spurlock will be him heading to Comic-Con to see what all the fuss is about and where it is going. Should be some good mockery of geeks throughout and we might even learn something at the same time.