These 5 real ghost movies are the kinds of horror movies that may well be the spookiest of all. They may be the spookiest of all, because they are said to be based on real events, and this distinct possibility that something so sinister may be real (and therefore get you, too) is what makes these ghost movies so distressing.

  1. "The Haunting in Connecticut." This movie from 2009 details the troubles that befall an already poor family who move into a home so they can be nearer to the facility where their cancer-stricken son is getting treatment. Trouble is, their new home was actually used as a funeral parlor in the past! This movie stars Virginia Madsen and was based on real-life happenings that occurred to the Snedeker family.

  2. "The Entity." "The Entity" is the second-best real ghost movie because the haunting depicted is a very uncommon one as far as ghosts go. The woman who is besieged in this real ghost movie actually gets raped—that's right, raped—by the ghost in question! The woman in real life was named Doris Bither, and her four children experienced all she did in her haunted house, not to mention that they also witnessed their mother getting assaulted by the ghost in her own bedroom.

  3. "Audrey Rose." From 1977 comes "Audrey Rose," a real ghost movie which finds a girl called Ivy being stalked by an arcane man who actually turns out to be one who thinks his dead daughter reincarnated is Ivy. The father finally succeeds in getting Ivy hypnotized to see if she really is his dead daughter, the titular Audrey Rose, but the results are counterproductive to say the least. The true story on which this is based actually is somewhat, different as it features a boy who was thought to have a reincarnation leak instead.

  4. "The Amityville Horror." The fourth-best real ghost movie on this list because of how familiar people are with it already, this movie is the latest one from 2005, starring Chloe Moretz. In this film, the family actually gets out of the death-horror house alive, unlike what occurred in the real-life story on which this movie series is based. In truth, though, some of the "Amityville Horror" has been debunked by researchers, and the current family living in the house in question has not reported anything ghastly.

  5. "An American Haunting." The final movie in this list of the best real ghost movies is "An American Haunting" based on the Tennessee Bell Witch legend from the 1800s. This real ghost movie is based on events that seem to be real, but, like many ghost stories, cannot be proven 100 percent. However, old records from the early 20th century as well as guidebooks in the late 19th century make reference to the Bell Witch legend in Tennessee, so you never know.