Mad at your parents? Sick of society? Tired of school or your job? Have you considered an exciting career in the world of Punk Rock? Punk Rock is a perfect outlet for the spirit of rebellion that exists in all of our souls. Unfortunately, Punk Rock is a highly competitive field, and the vast majority of applicants will be denied. So consider watching a Punk Rock film instead, like these five punk rock movies. Or just watch whatever you want, that's pretty punk rock.

"Repo Man"

Considered by many to be the definitive punk rock movie, "Repo Man" has a title song by The Godfather of Punk Iggy Pop and continues to get more and more punk rock from there. The story is about a young punk enthusiast (or "punk") who gets a job in the thriving world of automobile repossession. The disenchantment with authority, the irreverence, and the all-around bad attitude of punk rock are all here, along with some actual punk rock by bands like Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies.

"24 Hour Party People"

Factory Records was one of the most iconic record labels of punk and post-punk, featuring bands like Joy Division who were known for their incredibly aggressive live shows. That world, in all of its blue-collar Manchester glory, is depicted in the sort-of-true-to-life movie "24 Hour Party People," starring Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson, the founder of Factory Records.


Another important movie about a guy from Manchester is "Control," a beautifully-photographed black-and-white biopic about Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, who committed suicide right before his band was going to go on their big North American tour and probably become mega-popular. Despite the involvement of people who were close to Curtis in real life, this is a warts-and-all drama, showing Curtis in all of the horrible complexities that made him a musical genius and an absolutely terrible husband.

"Color Me Obsessed"

The Replacements are one of the most respected rock bands to come out of the 70s punk scene. But the documentary "Color Me Obsessed," despite its subtitle "A Film About The Replacements," isn't really about them - it's about the people who love the band, sharing their love and in some cases their hatred of what the band became. It's an infectious look at how your life can be changed by a band (or a movie, or a book, or a video game, or whatever), and in a true punk rock move, none of the actual music from The Replacements is featured.

"Blood Diner"

Sometimes the spirit of punk rock is alive and well in movies that don't really have much to do with punk - like "Blood Diner," which apart from a climactic scene featuring The Punk Show From Hell is actually about a couple of kooks who run a vegetarian restaurant and who are actually trying to resurrect a death goddess from the body parts of dead women. And just like the best punk rock, it's a comedy.