Put cartoon voices to actual faces with the 5 places you've seen the cast of "Archer" before. Few things are as annoying as hearing a voice and not being able to put it to a human body, especially when hearing voices isn't a good sign for most people. Clear the cobwebs out and relax as the heavy lifting gets done for you and you can turn your attention back to that three-day long game of Uno.


As Lana Kane, the love/hate interest of Archer, Aisha Tyler brings both sophistication and biting wit to her role. Not to be typecast she appears in the series "24" as Marianne Taylor. Acting as a mole, Tyler plays her role with a decided lack of sideways glances and shifty eyebrows as she slowly worms her way into the CTU. An excellent performance as a supporting cast member whose character exerts a considerable amount of hidden sway over the group at CTU. Come for the intrigue, stay for the acting and watch what happens to traitors in this show.

"Arrested Development".

Jessica Walter has a knack for playing powerful mother figures whether it is as Mallory Archer in "Archer" or "Arrested Development". She does not play a submissive wife to a devious patriarch but instead plays the role of the Matriarch with the iron fist inside a glove made of even harder iron. Her character, Lucille Bluth, is the tempered core of the Bluth family and she plays it with a quiet fervor that leaves the audience and even the other characters wondering as to what devious plots lie behind the subterfuge already uncovered.

"Jon Benjamin Has a Van".

H. Jon Benjamin is the voice of the sometimes intrepid, most times mildly drunk Sterling Archer. More voice actor than visible actor, he's in the new comedy news show "Jon Benjamin Has a Van" and shows off a knack for physical humor. With fake minute long shows as well as segments that are gut-laugh worthy, Benjamin now has a face to match his voice and a wit that will hopefully keep everyone laughing for a very long time.

"Mad Love".

Judy Greer plays a dour yet strangely loveable character in "Mad Love". Although cancelled, the show gave some recent screen time for her to strut her comedic timing and facial tics that were born to create laughs. As the voice for the near clinically insane Cheryl Tunt in "Archer", Greer shows off another facet in "Mad Love" as she trades in the crazy for a more pragmatic, almost bitter view on life. Not many actors can take bitter to the land of funny but Greer does it with a perfectly placed sneer.

"30 Rock".

Chris Parnell is the voice of Cyril Figgis and does it with such acumen you can feel the anxiety and twitchiness jump off the screen. As Dr. Spaceman in "30 Rock", Parnell is the combination of every patient's worst nightmare and goofiest daydream. Using nonchalance as a shield against ordinary reality, his character uses the cast of "30 Rock" as one giant guinea pig farm to test his advice and medications on. His ability to find the skewed parts of a character is tremendous and worth keeping track of as he meanders throughout television and film.