Swashbuckling adventures have been a mainstay of cinema since the silent era. To tell a tale of the seven seas, all you need to have in your possession is some water, an eye patch and two rather unfashionable fools-that's it! Yet sometimes filmmakers like to push the boat out a little further, creating pieces of work that could even scare the bejesus out of real pirates. Here are the five most terrifying movie pirates of all time.

Captain Hook, "Hook".

Steven Spielberg's early 90s family epic is regarded fondly for several reasons, including the infamous invisible food scene and the scene where Dustin Hoffman bellows, "Bring me Peter Pan!" Hoffman's Hook should be about as scary as a pussy cat playing with yarn, yet he is able to add a level of genuine terror to his camp attire that makes him credible. Bob Hoskins, of course, steals every scene he is in as Hook's henchman Smee.

Davy Jones, "The Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest".

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise hasn't really introduced us to a host of scary buccaneers. Jack Sparrow is more annoying than frightening, and his gang of merry sailors seem warm and likable. Bill Nighy's squid face interpretation of Davy Jones is the most frightening character in the series, and you can only imagine how much his breath must stink.

Pirates, "The Life Aquatic".

Movie pirates normally come dressed in camp clothing, carry swords, have a parrot perched on their shoulder and are on the lookout for bountiful loads of treasure. In Wes Anderson's 2004 comedy, "The Life Aquatic", he provides us with an updated version of the pirate, one who carry guns and is able to track down prey on computers. This makes pirates more dangerous than usual.

Long John Silver, "Muppets Treasure Island".

Tim Curry makes a tremendous villain. Even when his opponents are Kermit, Miss Piggy and company, he still manages to showcase a tremendous amount of fear and threat onto the screen. You really do feel that he could decapitate Fozzy Bear at any given moment.

The Duke of Arnoldo, "The Black Pirate".

Douglas Fairbanks steals the show in this 1926 silent adventure, and his actions throughout are pretty badass. He saves a girl from being gang raped and looks to avenge his fathers murder all whilst robbing and stealing from those around him. He's an anti-hero if ever there was one, and someone you definitely wouldn't want to fence with.