5 of The Least Funny Spoof Movies Ever Made

Monday, January 2 by John Coon

Meet the Spartans” (2008)

This would-be spoof of “300” had so much potential. “300” offered a fertile ground for satire with its overwrought reliance on bloody battles and steamy sex to drive the story. What we get instead are gags that plagiarize much better sight gags from much better spoof movies. Case in point, the chastity belt gag is lifted from “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and regurgitated here almost verbatim. The number one rule for satire is that original jokes are much better than recycled jokes.

“Last Action Hero” (1993)

Last Action Hero schwarzenneger.jpg

There are a few examples out there where Arnold Schwarzenegger fares well in a comedy. Most of the time, however, Schwarzenegger fares much better at unintentional comedy. His action movies are littered with one-liners that are hilarious simply because of how they sound coming out of Schwarzenegger’s mouth. “Last Action Hero” tries too hard to be funny. The concept of poking fun at the over-the-top violence in buddy cop movies is creative enough. One problem here is that the concept is executed poorly. You have a whiny kid trying to tell everyone they’re only movie characters and a sudden shift to drama when the characters enter “the real world.” That is not a good formula for producing laughs.

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