5 of The Least Funny Spoof Movies Ever Made

Monday, January 2 by John Coon

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Nothing beats good satire comedy. When it is done right, a spoof movie can poke fun at some of our favorite films while reminding us why we love them in the first place. These days, however, there are too many filmmakers that equate the idea of satire with stupid humor. If a hall of shame existed to recognize the least funny spoof movies ever made, these five films would be the first ones voted into that place:

Vampires Suck” (2010)

The only thing worse than watching “Twilight” is watching an uninspired parody of “Twilight.” Never at any moment during “Vampires Suck” will you feel compelled to laugh. Unless one of your buddies trips and spills a plate of nachos down the front of their shirt. What little plot exists is mainly used to set up lame gags centering on everything from Tiger Woods to the Next Page

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