Who doesn't love a good make out scene? We know we sure do! The perfectly timed, well thought out kisses set to the most beautiful songs-- they leave us green with envy! If you're looking to kiss your significant other more passionately and need some inspiration on how to go about it, look to any of our five favorite make out scenes.

     "The Notebook"

In 2005 “The Notebook” won the MTV movie award for ‘Best Kiss’. But, don’t be fooled by the title. It was much more than a small little kiss. Ryan Gosling plays Noah, Rachel McAdams’ (Allie) first love from when they were only 17. After seven years of separation they finally reunite with a kiss in the rain. But, it doesn’t end there. They take out all their frustration that has built over those seven years, and take in inside. It only just began in the rain; they continue to make out against the main door of the house, then up the stairs, then against the wall and finally to the bed.

“Cruel Intentions”

You may think girl on girl may not be for you, but you haven’t seen Sarah Michelle Geller giving Selma Blair a lesson in French kissing. This hot and steamy make out was in the hit “Cruel Intentions”. Geller has a secret agenda against her ex- boyfriend and she’s going to use Blair to carry out her revenge. A small step in her vindictive plan brings Geller to giving Blair her first kiss.


“Penelope” is a beautiful story of love, magic and self acceptance. Due to a horrible family curse, a baby, Penelope (Christina Ricci) in a very wealthy family is born with a pig’s snout in the place of her nose. The story revolves around her attempts to break the curse but so we don’t ruin it or you, long story short, in the end Penelope gets her first kiss with the gorgeous James McAvoy. Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros starts to play in the background as he confesses his feelings for her. Before Penelope can say anything he grabs her to kiss her ever so passionately while we are blown away by how perfect it is.

“Red Riding Hood”

Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a beautiful young girl living in a village plagued by a big bad wolf. She’s engaged to be married to one of the wealthiest young men in the village, but her heart belongs to someone else, Peter. At a village party, Peter sneaks off and Valerie follows him. Peter tells her he’s wrong for her. She simply replies, “I don’t care”. He pushes her up against the wall and kisses her like it’s for the first time. “Keep The Streets Empty” by Fever Ray starts to play as he takes her into the barn and they continue to make out on the hay.


Keira Knightly is a wealthy young girl living quite comfortably in her parent’s estate. James McAvoy is the son of her gardener, a promising young boy whose been sponsored to study by Knightly’s father. After Keira accidently receives a letter with McAvoy’s true feelings inside it, their union is inevitable. The famous love scene takes place in the library where they both talk, awkwardly at first. But, slowly McAvoy inches closer to Knightly, before he grabs her gently and kisses her. The raw emotion in this scene makes us melt like a popsicle in July!