When putting together a collection of the grossest movies to ever be filmed, there are certainly a lot of options out there, and many reasons why a movie could be described as “gross.” The film might be extremely violent or it could deal with subject matter that makes people squirm. Some filmmakers have a perverse fetish for making audiences nauseous, and these individuals have covered nearly every possible cinematic gross-out strategy over the years. Some of the grossest movies are meant to be funny, while others are designed to make some kind of artistic of societal statement, and all of them are guaranteed to shock you.

“Pink Flamingos”- Many people would literally consider this to be the unquestioned champion among the grossest movies to ever be filmed. The story is an incoherent pastiche of counter culture elements which simultaneously parodies suburban life and purposefully tries to shock the audience. There are many uncomfortable scenes of a sexual nature, including one indescribable scene involving an angry chicken. However, the most difficult moment in the film is probably the scene where the movie’s star eats real-life dog feces in front of the camera. This moment of abject disgustingness has been marked as one of the most legendary “gross-out” scenes in cinematic history.

“The Beyond”  This legendary Italian zombie movie is a gross-out extravaganza. It’s about a woman who inherits an old hotel with a secret gateway to a hellish world. The overall story is incoherent but all you really need to know is that eventually the dead start walking around and doing disgusting things to people. Director Lucio Fulci is one of the most sadistic filmmakers of all time, and his camera lingers and zooms in on the violence in a way that almost no other moviemaker would ever allow. The film has everything from close up shots of giant spiders tearing a man’s face off, to melting flesh, exploding heads, and everyone's favorite: eyeball mutilation. 

“Braindead”  Filmmaker Peter Jackson is well regarded for his amazing “Lord of the Rings” movies, but he got his start making splatter films such as this one, which also goes by the title "Dead Alive". The film is about a young man who's elderly mother is bitten by an exotic monkey at a local zoo. She slowly starts transforming into a zombie and anyone she bites becomes infected. Our hero does everything he can to isolate her, but eventually he starts to amass a collection of zombies in his basement as she bites various people. The movie builds to a huge climax involving lawn mowers, people hanging from strings of living intestines, and rooms filled with streams of slippery gore. “Braindead” is full of intentional comedy, but it reaches extremes of bloody extravagance that make it an easy choice as one of the grossest movies to ever be filmed.

“Visitor Q”  This Japanese movie is a natural fit for this list and it belongs for a lot of reasons. The surreal story is about a strange visitor who enters the daily existence of a dysfunctional family and begins changing their lives for the better. There are many movies about dysfunctional families, but in this case, the “dysfunctions” are incredibly extreme, involving things like necrophilia, murder, and lactation fetishes. If those sound shocking, you might want to skip this movie altogether, because they’re actually just the tip of the iceberg.

“Wizard of Gore” This movie is probably the lowest budget film on this list, and undoubtedly it’s also the least artistic. The story deals with a stage magician who brings women out of the audience and kills them in shocking ways. Once the trick is over, the women seem fine and they leave the stage without incident, but their wounds reappear later in the day and they fall over dead. The acting and everything else is absolutely terrible, but the gore is quite impressive and very extreme, including lingering shots of internal organs that will absolutely turn your stomach.