5 of The Greatest Morgan Freeman Movies

Tuesday, November 22 by C.T. Wright

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	Compiling a list of the greatest Morgan Freeman movies is like trying to find the five best "Playboy" covers in history—they’re all great. With a body of work as broad and distinguished as Mr. Freeman’s, each role he plays is amazing in its own right. Morgan Freeman never fails to disappoint and, very often, surprises.</p>
	<strong>“Million Dollar Baby”</strong></p>
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Freeman finally won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Oscar after three previous nominations. His performance elevates the film from a mere boxing movie to a tale of sacrifice and redemption. Freeman’s authoritative voice is used as narration throughout the drama film to create the sensation of having a story told to you. "Million Dollar Baby" is one of the best movies in his catalogue and is much more entertaining than a bedtime story.


In one of the greatest Morgan Freeman movies ever, Freeman plays a grizzled veteran drawn back into the grimness of urban homicide just before he retires. Serving as a mentor to Brad Pitt’s brash, eager character, Freeman methodically investigates serial murders based on the seven deadly sins. His pleas to Pitt at the end of the film to hand over the gun are charged with an intensity and compassion that only he could bring. The gravitas in Freeman’s narration at the end of the film leaves you contemplative and raw.

The Shawshank Redemption

More sterling voiceover work form Mr. Freeman as he narrates and co-stars in this drama adapted from a Stephen King short story. As Red, Freeman is the go-to guy for inmates wanting access to items only available in the outside world. When Tim Robbins’s character ask him for a poster of Rita Hayworth, little does Ned know that it will eventually lead to his salvation and freedom. This is one of the greatest Morgan Freeman movies on anyone’s list and is a joy to watch with each viewing.

“Street Smart”

Street Smart christopher reeve morgan freeman.jpg

Freeman turns in a movie-stealing performance as Fast Black a charming but dangerous pimp. Pimp isn’t he first thing that comes to mind when you think of Morgan Freeman, but after watching this performance, you’ll never look at him the same way. When you see him on the red carpet at awards shows dressed in black, there is something kind of cool and pimpish about him. Not bad for a man whose major successes came well-after the age of fifty.

“Lean on Me”

Lean on Me morgan freeman.jpg

This is one of the greatest Morgan Freeman movies because it introduced the world to “Crazy" Joe Clark. As the no-nonsense principal at impoverished Eastside High, Freeman cites memorable line after line, while keeping the students, faculty and local community in-check. This tough as nails character paved the way for later authoritative roles.

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