5 of The Biggest Flops In Movie History

Friday, November 25 by Joshua Wade

Laden with flat performances, hilariously ridiculous plots and some of the worst dialogue ever written, the biggest flops in movie history have not only brought down high profile stars but entire production companies. Featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Billy Bob Thornton, Eddie Murphy and Willem Defoe, most of these financial disasters were doomed from the start and have been consistently ranked among the worst movies ever made.

“The Alamo” A visually breathtaking 2004 epic about the infamous Texas battle, this film holds the record as the second biggest flop in movie history after “Cutthroat Island.” The film was to be originally directed by Hollywood icon Ron Howard, but he stepped down after he was told that a movie about a legendary battle should feature less bloodshed. The result was a change in director and an agonizing two-hour long sleeper which, while full of sweeping sets and boasting stars like Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton, was also weighed down with dialogue and political interactions rather than the defian fighting for which the real Alamo battle is known. Attacked for being historically inaccurate, the film proved to be one of the biggest net losses in history, making $25 million of its $145 million budget.

“The Adventures of Pluto Nash” A prime contender for the worst film ever made, “The Adventures of Pluto Nash” is without a doubt one of the biggest flops in movie history. A futuristic tale about the titular character played by Eddie Murphy who's on the run from the mob after he refuses to sell his moon-based nightclub, the film had an unbelievable budget of $120 million, yet only made around $8 million. The film starred a talented ensemble cast including Rosario Dawson, Randy Quaid and Peter Boyle, but suffered from an array of problems including a convoluted plot, ridiculous special effects and some of the worst dialogue ever written.

“Heaven’s Gate” A promising film written and directed by Michael Cimino who was fresh off an Oscar win for “The Deer Hunter,” “Heaven’s Gate” clocked in at an exhausting four hours and told the story of a land battle in the late 1800s. The film debut of Willem Defoe, “Heaven’s Gate” was a box office bomb from the very start and earned less than $3 million, not even a percent of its $44 million dollar budget. One of the biggest flops in movie history, “Heaven’s Gate” essentially bankrupted United Artists Studios, which was bought by MGM Studios in 1981 less than a year after the film’s release.

“Gigli” Considered to be one of the worst movies every made even before it was released, “Gigli” attempted to cash in on the real-life, headline-making romance of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. A comedy about rival hitmen played by Lopez and Affleck who kidnap a mentally challenged boy named Brian and hold him for ransom, “Gigli” absurdly ends in a romantic relationship between the powerhouse stars, even though Lopez’s character, Ricki, is a lesbian. Featuring a boring plot, flat performances and a wholly unconvincing portrayal of mentally challenged Brian by otherwise talented actor Justin Bartha, “Gigli” made a whopping $7 million of its $54 million budget.

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