The one thing that instantly makes a movie memorable is its music. It could be background instrumentals, a musical number in the movie itself or a simple song played at the right time. Some music scenes from movies have been so powerful you can't help but shedding a tear or two. Here are a few of our favorite movie music scenes from the past decade to feast your ears and eyes on.

1. “Wicker Park”

Josh Hartnett plays a young man estranged from his long lost love for two years. He sees his former flame in a café but is unable to talk to her. He makes it his mission to find her and find out why she left him without a word. “Wicker Park” follows his intense search and also shows the audience why they fell in love in the first place with flashbacks and memories.  In the final scene when he finally finds her and finds out the truth, Coldplay’s song “The Scientist” starts to play. She is sitting on the ground in the middle of the foot traffic while Hartnett stares longingly at her back. He slowly walks up to her, without taking his eyes off of her for a second. His loving and helpless expression coupled with the intensity of “The Scientist” makes this movie music scene absolutely perfect.

2. “Almost Famous”

Based in 1973 San Diego, California “Almost Famous” follows the journey of a young high school student aspiring to become a rock journalist. With a stroke of luck he gets the opportunity to publish his first cover story for Rolling Stone magazine. He starts touring with the band ‘Stillwater’ and a few groupies called ‘The Band-Aids”. The most famous musical scene in “Almost Famous” is set to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. After one of the band members of ‘Stillwater’ threatens to quit the band, “Tiny Dancer” starts to play in the tour bus. Everybody joins in showing us that no matter how hard it may be at times they’ll always be brought back together by their love for music.

3. “American Psycho”

“American Psycho” is perhaps one of the most iconic serial killer movies of all time. Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a Wall Street business tycoon who kills because of his psychopathic and sadistic nature. Bale tells his colleague Paul Allen, played by the charismatic Jared Leto about his favorite music by “Huey Lewis and The News”. He then walks to the bathroom, leaving Leto to get even more drunk than he already is. He puts on a plastic coat in the bathroom and continues to discuss the album.  He comes back, puts on “Hip To Be Square”, passionately discusses “Huey Lewis and The News” and drives an ax into Leto’s back.

4. “Before Sunset”

“Before Sunset” is a sequel to the 1995 film, “Before Sunrise." Nine years ago, Jesse (Ethan Hawk) and Celine (Julie Deply) had one passionate one- night stand in Vienna. By some twist of fate, they cross paths once again in Paris. Jesse spots Celine at a bookstore and decides to spend the afternoon with her before his evening flight. When they arrive at Celine’s, Jesse persuades her to sing him a song. She gives him three song choices; one is about her cat, one is about her ex ex-boyfriend and one is a one about a waltz. As the lyrics unfold, it is quite clear the song is about their encounter. Her soulful voice and bittersweet lyrics make the song a joy to listen to.

5.“Garden State”

Two young strangers’ lives are changed when they meet each other in a doctor’s waiting room. Zach Braff is brought back home to Jersey after his mother passes away. He meets Natalie Portman before his checkup at the doctor’s. Her quirky attitude brings them both together when she asks if he wants to listen to a song that will “change his life”. Braff putts on the headphones and stares directly at Portman. It feels as if for a minute, you are Zach Braff, listening to the The Shin’s “New Slang” for the very first time.