Along with the ability to sense when a pop quiz was coming, your childhood probably gave you the understanding that worshipping the devil or any other unknown evil wasn’t the greatest idea, unless you were already set on a job as a pharmaceutical rep. Witness people who lost the genetic lottery and missed out on that little genetic crink that makes people avoid things with horns, creepy voices, and supernatural powers in these 5 occult movies that worship the devil, or something worse.
Paranormal Activity 3

In the realm of occult movies, “Paranormal Activity 3” is a corpulent toddler still breastfeeding at the original source of food, reluctant to try some new food source and arrogantly unrepentant. Taking you back to the grand old days of the 1980s, this flick centers on going deeper into the backstory behind “Paranormal Activity” but really doesn’t give you much new in plot or effects. There are still a few little starts but the real devil worship begins when you see the very end and start wondering how many goat sacrifices in basements across L.A. had to get done in order to get this greenlit by the cloven-hoofed one himself.


The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulu

Low budget goodness that keeps the musty, damp feel of Cthulu and his minions and throws in the reluctant hero to make an amusing occult movie that definitely worships the old ones, even if they have bad cases of fin rot. The back story scene on Cthulu and the Elder things is told in a great animation scene that doesn’t let low budget affect the film’s creativity. Also noteworthy is the hero and company figuring out that a desert is a pretty sweet place to hide from consistently moist ocean dwelling monsters in “The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulu.” And don’t get fooled into a “sure it’s by the ocean but it’s up a cliff so it’s safe” type of hideout thinking.


The Prophecy 2

The angel Gabriel, played pitch perfect by Christopher Walken, is still his good old righteous murdering self as he returns from his warm vacation in hell to go after a human and angel hybrid. This baby would supposedly reunify heaven and cease the hostilities up above and therefore Gabriel won’t stand for that peace nonsense. Isabelle, Gabriel’s suicidal sidekick, provides one of the darkest scenes as she tries to take her life again at the diner, only to receive a history lesson on who is the dominant person in their relationship.


Demon Hunter

So the Vatican hires this half-demon guy to kill demons for them, and it’s not the first part of a bad joke. “Demon Hunter” is an amusing occult movie that clearly loves demon-fueled shenanigans, which are bolstered by two solid performances by Sean Patrick Flanery and Billy Drago. Nun sidekicks, demons, and more power-ballad-fueled fight scenes than in an 80s action movie. “Demon Hunter” has all you need to kill some time with everything from some demon staking to a cemetery sex romp scene that’s as funny as it is loyal to the back story.


The Last Exorcism

A minister who relies on sleight of hand to do his exorcisms and the gullibility of people makes for an interesting lead in “The Last Exorcism.” Played with a pinch of world-weariness, a spoonful of greed, and a few pounds of arrogance, Minister Cotton is one intriguing character. As a family struggles to deal with a possible demonic possession, the relationship between father, son, and daughter gets pushed and prodded by the insertion of Cotton and his camera crew with emotions erupting here and there. The isolation and open feeling of the country that surrounds the family’s house adds to the spookiness of the flick, particularly as Cotton and his crew are left to deal with the possessed girl’s actions as they escalate to a freaky doll drowning scene. The ending should’ve been avoided, but the rest of the film is a great occult movie to check out.