The shadows deepen, there are odd noises during your phone calls, and someone clearly has figured out you watch “Downton Abbey” in secret on a borrowed television in your shed, and thus your paranoia grows. This won’t help but at least you won’t feel as isolated when you watch through your telescope these 5 NSA movies that are probably watching you right now.


Echelon Conspiracy

With far less time travel and killer robots, “Echelon Conspiracy” features the Skynet of the current day as a self-aware communication satellite seeking to replicate itself via hot computer downloading all across the internet. Luckily for everyone a young computer tech named Max, who was financially benefiting greatly from the amorous binary affection of the Echelon satellite, has realized he must step up and stop Echelon before it turns the Earth into its plaything. Watch the NSA satellite turn codependent girlfriend when it threatens Max’s life if he turns off the phone sent to him by it, with a little van-shaped potential homicide.


Mercury Rising

Following that niche of film genres where they do exactly the opposite of common sense, “Mercury Rising” has the NSA traipsing after an autistic child who broke their Mercury cryptography to kill him instead of just offering him tuition to a private school deep, deep in Antarctica with the future promise of a sizeable salary. When Bruce Willis meets a gun his films tend to excel but this time not so much. The film feels like “Kindergarten Cop” made sweet consensual love to “Hudson Hawk” and the baby they had was both weird and bad. Alec Baldwin is at his threatening best when he has a little tete a tete with the code creators in a scene that oozes malice and charisma.


Enemy of the State

If it weren’t for that pesky ornithologist the NSA would’ve gotten away with a tiny little murder they needed done for national security. Instead now they have to go surveil a lawyer, and wreck his life all because they can’t find one little disk. Mayhem, murder, and massive paranoia fuel “Enemy of the State” as it creates a seed of paranoia in you, especially when you see all the tracers being pulled off Will Smith’s clothes as Hackman literally dresses him down in an elevator.



Star filled with the story being equally driven by plot and character, “Sneakers” takes a group of security consultants who freelance as miscreants and has them dancing to the NSA’s song, until they find out it wasn’t the NSA they were shacked up with. It’s a great adventure that sets the bar for the evil versus good hacker that might convince you the NSA is already looking over your shoulder, especially with TrapWire out there. It’s simple, it’s quick but one of the best scenes is still the bank-teller-desk-fall as it illustrates so clearly these guys have agile minds but not so agile bodies.


The Forgotten

Confusing movie or perfect propaganda for future kid abductions, “The Forgotten” has a race of powerful vacuum using aliens, that can suck humans up and away with ease, that need the help of the NSA to run interference and public relations on their child stealing hobby. As two parents team up to figure out where their kids truly are, the story gets stranger as the aliens are running the world’s worst case study about parental bonds and it only gets more painful and confusing from there. Come for the sky vacuums and the foreboding NSA agents but stay for scenes like Telly and Ash’s accidental meeting at the swings that boasts witty dialogue worthy of alien or NSA intervention.