Not all new girl in town movies deserve high ranking stars, but these five do! From sins, deviousness, heartfelt emotions, to competition and lack thereof, these flicks come with twists you never thought of. Or let's hope not. First, "The Seven Deadly Sins" of Lifetime Television.


"The Seven Deadly Sins" (2010)

Lifetime Movie Network lifts the bar with "The Seven Deadly Sin" as Kaia, the intelligent bad girl, defines the seven deadly sins within a group of friends, and not such good friends. Lust, envy, pride, wrath, sloth, gluttony, and greed. The movie takes a twist when Kaia is killed in an auto accident driven by a girl on ecstasy. The drugged out popular girl had no idea that her arch enemy slipped the ecstasy pills into her drink before taking the stage in front of an audience and, yes, driving away with an accused slut, a.k.a. the new girl in town. Problem? No one wants to confess until they are in a full classroom in the middle of the afternoon. Good four hour movie - on both nights. Case closed.


"Mean Girls" (2004)

Where in the world is Cady Heron? Let's ask The Plastics, a group of chicks with attitudes, slutty appeal and lots and lots of money. Cady Heron, portrayed by Lindsay Lohan, is homeschooled in Africa but after moving attends public school for the first time. What a jungle! Cady decides to give The Plastics a taste of their own medicine and sabotage the clique. Problem? Cady turns to Plastic.



"Where The Heart Is" (2000)

"Where the Heart Is" is, by far, the sweetest new girl in town movie you will ever view. Imagine a harmless pregnant woman coming out of Walmart in some unfamiliar location only to find that her boyfriend, a.k.a. father of the unborn child, is gone. Where would the woman go? How will the baby survive? By hiding inside of Walmart and resurfacing after the store closes for the night. The pregnant woman uses all of Walmart merchandise needed for a healthy daily routine. She makes a list of items she uses with the intent of paying for each. Don't ask when she gives birth. The man who breaks through Walmart windows is, sorry, not giving that away. This girl gives America a new meaning. This cast stars Natalie Portman. You know this one is a must see!


"Bring It On; All or Nothing" (2006)

Hayden Panettiere portrays Britney Allen, the new cheerleader with the same old stolen routines in town. The moment Rihanna comes to town seeking backup dancers for her video team Crenshaw,. the squad that gives Allen a cheerleading shot, steps up to the plate applying an odd twist introduced by the new girl during tryouts. Earning their spot in the music video. Don't like it? Talk to the hand.


"The Roommate" (2011)

Sarah hooks up with her new female roomy, a girl named Rebecca. The new college roommate has more in mind than simply sharing a room. Try a secret obsession. And guess who's the focal point. I never would have guessed. And if you like movies about college and obsession with a good storyline view the film "Friends 'Til the End" (1997 Lifetime movie). Both great chick flicks, a.k.a. movies with a twist.