Some movies are so predictable it’s nauseating. You find yourself sitting inside a movie theater, on your sofa, or curled up in bed knowing exactly how the narrative is going to pan out but you’re unable to change the channel because, of course, you need to see how it finishes. It has happened to everyone who has ever set foot inside a cinema. Here are five movies like “The Notebook” that you don’t need to see to know the end.


“Beauty and the Beast”


There are many cinematic traditions. The bad guy always gets caught, the good guy saves the day, and the ugly duckling will always get the girl. Cue “Beauty and the Beast.” Of course there is a good reason why the beast is so hideous, and as soon as his past is uncovered and rectified, the hideous creature becomes gorgeous and the pair live happily ever after. We all saw it coming a mile off.

“The Passion of the Christ”

Jesus’ last walk is pretty well documented, so fair play to Mel Gibson for trying to bring a cinematic twist to his horrific final hours on earth. It’s not for the faint hearted though.



This vessel is so synonymous with failure that I don’t think anyone went into their local multiplex believing that its passengers were going to stay bone dry for long. And statistically speaking it was always very likely that Leo’s Jack was going to perish, what with the whole women and children first fiasco. Selfish.



We all know that Hitler died in a bunker covered in petrol next to his newly wed wife in what can only be described as the worst honeymoon to ever take place. So Tom Cruise’s plan to kill the Nazi S.O.B. in an office was never going to prove fruitful, was it? Nice try though.

“Kill Bill”

After watching the Bride hunt her former boss for over four hours the least we could expect is to see her kill Bill. Thank God she did exactly that then.