5 Movies Like Donnie Darko That Will Leave You Confused

Wednesday, January 11 by Joseph Gibson


Speaking of layers upon layers, “Inception” deals with the made-up concept of breaking into someone’s subconscious while they sleep and planting an idea inside their psyche. But what happens if the person dreams within a dream, which all takes place in a dream, etc, etc, etc? That’s the puzzler that lies at the center of “Inception,” and might incidentally keep you from your own dreams as you lie awake at night trying to figure everything out.

“Being John Malkovich

being john malkovich.jpg

Probably one of the most off-the-wall premises in all of movies, “Being John Malkovich” imagines a world in which people can crawl through a hole in the wall at an office building and spend fifteen minutes in the mind of actor John Malkovich before getting dumped on the New Jersey Turnpike. One of the biggest head-scratchers happens when Malkovich himself goes through the hole, which leads him to a “world that no man should see.” Once you get done laughing, you can try and figure it all out.

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