Everyone loves a good underdog movie. Whether or not the films involve sports, these types of movies have been popular among moviegoers for generations. However, many of the best underdog movies do involve sports in some fashion. Furthermore, sports movies that involve nudity, drinking, unruliness, and crazy high jinx are usually most popular amongst sports fans. Below are five of the most popular movies about underdogs that every sports fan will love.

"Hot Dog"

This 1984 comedy has all the makings of a great comeback movie: an underdog, a real a-hole as a nemesis, plenty of drinking, pranks, and naked women–most notably a young, sexy Shannon Tweed. Oh yeah, it also involves some great ski stunts, and the beautiful scenery of Squaw Valley, California. Those not familiar with the term  "Chinese Downhill" need to watch this outrageous film. 


While "Dodgeball" may not have the drinking, nudity, and crazy stunts of "Hot Dog," it is equally funny as it features an all-star cast, led by Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. The film manages to successfully take an irrelevant sport such as dodgeball and make it a semi-relevant event as Vaughn puts together a rag-tag group of losers and turns them into champions. Oh yeah, there is a great lesbian kiss near the movie's end. 

"The Bad News Bears"

"The Bad News Bears" should be the poster child for underdog movies. The 1976 comedy starring the late Walter Matthau features a group of misfits who manage to make it to the little league championship in one of California's most competitive leagues. The movie features several adolescent high jinx, a drunken Mathau, and a little bit of cussing. This is one movie about underdogs that every single sports fan should watch at least twice. 

"Major League"

Another movie sports fans should see multiple times is "Major League." Starring the likes of Tom Berringer, Wesley Snipes, and Charlie Sheen; this movie has all the makings of a great underdog flick. The 1989 classic features a lousy Cleveland Indians team who manages to turn itself into a winner. "Major League also serves up plenty of  booze (announcer Bob Uecker is constantly getting toasted while calling the Indians games), villains, and even some funny scenes featuring Randy Quaid in an Uncle Eddie type role.

"Beer Fest"

Those wacky Broken Lizard folks made a successful underdog film when they came up with the cult-classic "Beer Fest." Sports fans love "Beer Fest" because it features a lot of drinking, killer drinking games, beautiful German women who are not afraid to show skin, laughs-a-million, and a nude shot of ebon goddess, Candace Smith. What more could red-blooded sports fans ask for?