Relationships crash on the rocks or rise from great distances, high scores come and go, businesses burn bright or not at all and all from the fertile field of the net. Taking that growing land and planting some imagination produces these five movies about the internet that you need to watch, just go easy on the cybernetics until you really want to be able to order pizza from your brain.


The power of computer hacking as well as the tangible effects these skills can have on the general population and the individual gets visualized in grungy 90s style. The group of teenage hackers finds themselves in the mix of corporate espionage as another hacker who had a nice little retirement embezzling program get exposed through their work targets them. You get to see the old school tricks of hacking such as the easy con of less than knowledgeable employees and phone phreaking plus it has a Fisher Stevens with a baseball interrogation so this is definitely a movie about the internet that needs to gently loved with your eyes.

“Johnny Mnemonic”.

At what price are the parts that make an individual human worth exchanging for technology? “Johnny Mnemonic” the importance of both the net and the individual as data carriers and disseminators marks this story as an allegory for current and potentially future battles over the ownership of information in all its bits and pieces. What other movie will give you large dose of cyber punk philosophy and a scene where Henry Rollins, Keanu Reeves, and Dolph Lundgren brawl in a clinic?

“Middle Men”.

The Wild West feel of the burgeoning internet as cunning individuals realized that there were piles of money to be made just waiting for the right mind set and moral flexibility gets captured in “Middle Men”. The growing pains of a burgeoning new form of communication and commerce and the subsequent battle between criminals, entrepreneurs and the government over the adolescent years of the internet is an interesting, if sometimes schizophrenic, story. Luke Wilson’s portrayal of an upstanding family man spiraling downward as he heads towards terminal velocity makes this film worth the effort of sitting still for a while.

“The Social Network”.

Taking on the tale behind the juggernaut Facebook, “The Social Network” is a tale of personalities, excesses, confidence and arrogance. Important within the story is how many people either ignored or placed the concept as beneath any real importance, which should help fuel future internet visionaries and developers during their bad days. The scene of Mark waiting anxiously for a response on Facebook from Erica is a current take on the consistent boy waits for girl to answer, and vice versa, situation most everyone can relate to in both its subtle fear of rejection as well as hope for acceptance.

Red State”.

The worst thing on the other end of your internet connection isn’t always going to be finding out your blind date confused ‘athletic’ with ‘morbidly obese’. Sometimes it’s a dangerous cult filled with religious fervor that is really into human sacrifice and that makes “Red State” a movie about the internet needs to be seen for the life lesson on skepticism. There is no better warning to meet your new electronic buddy in a public place than having to use a corpse’s broken bones to cut your own bonds free like Travis gets to do under the church floor.