Paris is the city of love and romance and is the kind of place you have to go with your significant other to fully enjoy. Or, you just have to be open to having a fun fling with a local to experience Paris like the Parisians! The city lights, restaurants, Eiffel tower, food, wine, beautiful people–everything just makes it so beautiful and praise worthy. If you've ever been, you know what we're talking about. If you've never been, want to visit, and don't have any idea of what to expect, don't worry. We have a great selection of five movies that will make you fall in love with the city in an instant! Each will leave you in a state of wanderlust.


One of the highest acclaimed movies based in France, "Amelie" is a movie full of magical realism. A beautiful, but peculiar woman in France decides to help the people in her life and change the world through them. The backdrop is like a beautiful dream world in Paris. When Amelie was a child, she was diagnosed with a heart condition that made her stay indoors rather than go to school and meet children. This is why she is so strange and innocent. Furthermore, the movie has everything to keep you thoroughly entertained–wit, romance, and imagination. Watch this movie and you'll be dying to travel to Paris to try and charm people like Amelie.

"Moulin Rouge"

Another movie set in Paris that will make you want to grab a plane ticket ASAP is "Moulin Rouge." This movie combines love, song and dance, and terminal illness to create an absolute masterpiece. You will never be bored watching this movie! Unlike other movies about Paris, "Moulin Rouge" shows a different side of Paris–the nightlife. Also, it has two of the greatest actors in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, who have remarkable onscreen chemistry. This honest, sensual, and vivacious movie will make you want to walk the streets of Paris at night until you can find the real Moulin Rouge!


Although a cartoon movie, "Ratatouille" is a film for all ages. It captures the heart of Paris through the love of food. Remy becomes friends with a human, Linguini when he gets caught in a restaurant. He cooks food in the restaurant by hiding under Linguini's hat and tugging on his hair. You're probably thinking, "how on earth you could fall in love with Paris through a cartoon movie?" But this movie has some of the best elements of Paris: amazing views, love of food, romance, and passion. Also, you can take your kids to watch it with you!

"La Vie En Rose"

When you hear the song "La Vie En Rose," the first thing that comes to your mind is Paris. In this movie, the beautiful Marion Cotillard plays the magnificent Edith Piaf. The movie shows Paris in a different light–only in Edith's time, 1915 to 1963. There is an air of mystery in Paris at this time. The movie not only has amazing cinematography and beautiful music, but it has a very compelling story. It is a video biography of Edith from her birth to her demise. This includes every bad and good thing that happened to her; her parents leaving her at a young age, dating a champion boxer, and getting addicted to morphine causing her to age very rapidly.

"The DaVinci Code"

Like "Ratatouille", "The DaVinci Code" is not the first movie that comes to mind when thinking of Paris. In "The DaVinci Code," French actress Audrey Tatou, and American actor, Tom Hanks set out to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time. "The DaVinci Code" has a compelling story, is packed with action, and always keeps you guessing. Furthermore, the movie is in modern times, completely shot in Paris. The scenes of the city, especially of the Louvre, will leave you yearning to travel to this magnificent city!