5 Movies About Models That Won’t Fall on The Catwalk

Sunday, November 20 by Joe Terzio


They are regularly seen on the arms of athletes and rock stars. Normal guys dream about hooking up with them while many girls would love to be one. They are fashion models, and you can thank your lucky stars that such glorious creatures exist. Unfortunately, Hollywood hasn't seen fit to make many movies about these stunning beauties. Fear not, though, because there are some worthy films about models and the modeling industry that you can watch whether you're a guy that likes to look at hot women or someone who's interested in modeling.


"Gia" – The best modeling biopic film is easily "Gia" starring a young Angelina Jolie. In this one, Jolie is nubile, naughty and naked. Try saying no to watching that. You can't, you know it. It's the story of one of the first supermodels, Gia Carangi, and her rise and precipitous fall in the industry. The real Gia was at the very top in modeling for only a couple of years in the early 1980's until she was effectively blackballed from the industry due to her excessive drug use and reckless behavior. Angelina gives a breakthrough performance in "Gia." Oh, and there are lesbian scenes, too!

pret a porter movie.jpg

"Prêt-à-Porter" – Yes, the title is in French (it means ready-to-wear) but this film was actually released under the title "Ready to Wear" in the United States. This is a very good movie about the modeling industry by legendary director Robert Altman. It's a black comedy that was filmed during Paris Fashion week and has a huge cast that includes over two dozen written characters as well as a number of cameos made by well known models, designers, actors and actresses. The cast includes Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger, Sophia Loren and Tim Robbins just to name a few. Numerous plots and stories are weaved together  in typical Altman style, and the film concludes with a two minute scene of nude models walking the catwalk. If the story doesn't interest you, just skip to the end scene, because it's worth it.


"Zoolander" – If you want the recipe for a really funny comedy, here it is. Mix in a Ben Stiller at the top of his game with a cast that includes Will Farrell and Owen Wilson and a story about a vacuous male model who's "really, really, ridiculously good looking" and you get one hilarious film. This spoof of the modeling industry is just funny as hell, whether you're into the modeling scene or not. Stiller plays the aforementioned ridiculously good looking (and dimwitted) male model, Derek Zoolander, whose life is bereft of meaning after he loses the VH1 Male Model of the Year award to his "so hot right now" rival, Hansel (Wilson). Farrell is the evil fashion maven Mugatu who befriends and brainwashes Derek into a plot to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia. With tons of cameos and lots of memorable quotes, "Zoolander" is one of Stiller's comic gems.


"Catwalk" – Christy Turlington was one of the top supermodels of the 1990's and this documentary covers her experiences during the 1993 spring fashion shows. See her and her fellow supermodel gal-pals Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista (among others) as they jet from London to Milan, Paris and New York during Spring Fashion Week. The film is shot in black and white (how artsy) and includes lots of behind the scenes footage of the models who defined a generation. This one's a must-watch for those really into modeling and fashion.


"Unzipped" – This one is for you devoted fashionistas out there. This lighthearted documentary follows well-known fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi around as he plans for and finally shows off his 1994 fall collection. This film features lots of face time for models including Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Amber Valletta and practically every other top model from the era when supermodels ruled the catwalks.

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