5 Movies About Maids That Know Too Much

Wednesday, May 30 by Gregory Wakeman


Let's be honest: We've all had a crush on a maid at some point in our lives. Maybe it hasn't been obvious at first but there is something innately sexy about a chamber maid coming into your hotel room or a maid coming round to clean up after you. Maybe it's the fact that she could walk in at an inopportune moment. Maybe it's because they clean your dirty linen. Anyway, cinema has had plenty of sexy maids throughout it's tenure. However some of them end up knowing way too much than they should have done because of their pokey profession. Here are 5 movies about maids who knew too much.

"Maid In Manhattan"


Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes would probably be the most boring couple ever assembled and this is shown in this 2003 romantic comedy. J'Lo's maid falls in love with Fiennes politician and helps to educate the want-to-be President in the way's of the working class. In this regard, she knew way too much about being a poverty stricken woman to the point that her punishment for her knowledge is her having to spend the rest of her life with Ralph Fiennes.

"Blue Crush"


Michelle Rodriguez and Kate Bosworth are two surfers who work as maids to make ends meet. They have to raise Bosworth's Anna Marie's 14 year old sister and each of them begin to learn more and more about love, life and how to clean a room really well. Bosworth's Chadwick's knowledge of surfing enables her to get closer to Matthew Davis' Matt Tollman and their courtship gets her a sponsorship deal with Billabong. The lucky devil.


Paz Vega.jpg

Adam Sandler's grown up romantic comedy features Paz Vega as his maid who has to deal with a plethora of issues regarding Sandler, his wife played by Tea Leoni and their argumentative family. Vega's maid is able to educate each member of the house because of her different culture and unique attributes with her knowledge of these subjects helping to separate Vega and her daughter from this unhappy dynasty. Both of them realising that money doesn't always buy happiness. She even falls in love slightly along the way.

"Friends With Money" 


Jennifer Aniston has made a habit of making the general public feel sorry for her and in "Friends With Money" she plays the poor character who is surrounded by her rich friends and is unable to purchase the cars and clothes that they can. But Aniston's character is able to broaden her street smarts and ultimately blossoms into a better person than her richer friends. Her knowledge of life though isn't able to help her affluent amigos.

"That Funny Feeling"


Boddy Darin and Sandra Dee are both intrinsically linked to the 1960s. Their effervescent good lucks and dotting smiles made them the perfect pin-up stars and it wasin 1965's "That Funny Feeling" where they paired off against one another. Dee's character Joan Howell is a maid who falls in love with Darin's Tom Milford but takes him to swanky apartment that she cleans for rather than her small damp abode. Little does she know that it's actually his home. 

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