Watching 5 movies about art may sound boring but there are actually a lot of art movies that are both entertaining and more intellectually stimulating than your typical Hollywood movie. The best art movies tell the stories of some of the world's greatest artists, from the 1600s up to modern age, and represent various art styles including realism, abstract expressionism, surrealism and pop art. While the movies are full of angst, indecision and depression so typical of artists, they also speak to the power of hope and determination. 

"Pollock" Ed Harris, who was also the director for the 2000 movie, stars as the abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock. The movie chronicles Pollock's eccentric life as a struggling artist in New York City, his relationships with influential people in the art world such as Peggy Guggenheim, his love with fellow artist Lee Krasner and unfortunate death in 1956 at age 44 from an alcohol-induced car accident. 

"Frida" Salma Hayek managed to strip herself of her sexy men's magazine image to become Frida Kahlo. Released in 2002, Hayek garnered an Oscar nomination for her impressive portrayal of the talented Mexican surrealist artist who triumphed through personal tragedies and chronic pain to become one of her country's most famous artists. 

"My Left Foot" One of the greatest actors of all time, Daniel Day-Lewis, stars in this 1989 movie about an Irish artist who made art with his left foot, the only part of his body that cerebral palsy did not rob from him. Day-Lewis won an Oscar for Best Actor for his moving portrayal of a man who refused to give in. The true story of Christy Brown is as inspirational as they come.

"Girl With a Pearl Earring" Named after one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's most famous paintings, "Girl With a Pearl Earring" is a fictionalized account of the girl's life. Colin Firth plays Johannes Vermeer. The movie, like Vermeer's paintings, is richly shot and provides a glimpse into Dutch life during the Golden Age. 

"I Shot Andy Warhol" The story alone behind "I Shot Andy Warhol," directed by Mary Harron, makes it worth watching. "I Shot Andy Warhol," released in 1996, follows the life of pop artist Andy Warhol from the perspective of the woman who tried to kill him, Valerie Solanas. An examination of Solanas' troubled life and mind, "I Shot Andy Warhol" should be watched by all fans of Harron's "American Psycho."